Blink and you’ll miss it

Trying to keep up with the rather rapid spread of Covid in the Mainland – the virus has reportedly infected 90% of Henan.

China Media Project looks at a People’s Daily editorial that’s ‘one of the more egregious efforts’ to whitewash Beijing’s handling of Covid…

On the question of responsibility, the “Zhong Sheng” commentary turns legitimate concerns on their head.

Baldly insisting that the sudden policy reversal is scientific and perfect (and foreign reports to the contrary smears) seems counterproductive when everyone can see hospitals overflowing and elderly scientists dying. In terms of basic image, the authorities would surely enjoy more credibility if they openly admitted that things could have been done better, promised an enquiry, and fired a few top health officials. But what do I know about Marxist-Leninist public-relations theory with Chinese characteristics?

Science on the lack of Chinese epidemiological, genomic and other data. 

The (probably paywalled) WSJ describes the broader uncertainty, foreign investors’ bemusement, and Chinese officials’ anger towards foreign media coverage of the confusion…

The whiplash from China’s about-face on its zero-Covid strategy exemplifies the uncertainties that businesses, foreign governments and academics face in dealing with a black-box political system that has become increasingly impenetrable as Mr. Xi has accumulated more power.

…“In some ways, Omicron is easier to predict than the Chinese government,” [European Chamber head] Mr. Wuttke said. 

The Diplomat tries to find logic behind Beijing’s Covid U-turn…

…moderating a mobilization campaign is extremely difficult. The central government must simultaneously signify a change of the top leader’s specific preference without jeopardizing the overall correctness of mobilization itself. Therefore, local officials tend to play it safe and follow the dependent path when faced with conflicting or confusing signals.

(Includes some interesting historical precedents.)

And the SCMP

“March would have been a better time,” [a health official] said. “We would have had more time to shore up the vaccination rate, especially among senior citizens.”

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3 Responses to Blink and you’ll miss it

  1. donkey says:

    As I have learned from reading the erudite musings in China Media Project, the entire regime in China is built on illusion and on fostering illusion within a circle of people who speak the code of the illusion. The truth of it is, the people in power in China cannot tell the truth, because they do not know what it is. They only know what the Party believes. It really is that way. It’s all built on sand, but they don’t even recognise it.

  2. Chinese Netizen says:

    The sandbox keeps a lot of people employed. More than the population of many large countries. Employment equals Harmonious Society™ equals iron rice bowl equals don’t rock the boat.

  3. Viktor Frankenstein says:

    The commies are obviously not intelligent enough to realize that they risk creating and unleashing SARS 3!
    Remember SARS 1 in 2003? Sars 2 in 2019?
    Same virus, same virus origin environment, same secrecy, same country, same party same, same, same!
    Learned nothing!
    Shame, shame, shame!
    Or have they not yet finished studying Xi Jinping Thoughts on Virus Management with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era?

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