Meanwhile, New York and London are ‘sparingly promoted’

The ‘unsparingly promoted’ Global Financial Leaders’ Investment Hub-Zone Summit starts tomorrow. Some confusion as to whether the Financial Secretary himself will make it following a positive Covid test. As the Standard editorial points out, senior Mainland officials are not attending, and a few top international bankers have dropped out. Plus there might even be a Number 8 Signal to rain on the parade. 

Maybe one of the speakers or attendees will announce something mind-blowing. Otherwise, the whole event seems to be about the Hong Kong government convincing itself the city is bouncing back, and a bunch of foreign financiers hoping to convince Beijing to continue letting them do business in China.

While local officials try to prove the old Hong Kong is back, weird court cases continue. Margaret Ng argues that the Societies Ordinance was intended to fight triads, not relief funds overseen by 90-year-old Cardinals. Another Societies Ordinance case involves unionists. And Audrey Eu says the prosecution in the Stand News case is exceeding time limits on prosecutions for ‘seditious’ publications. Stay tuned to see how the NatSec judges decide. (Good thread on the Stand News case.)

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3 Responses to Meanwhile, New York and London are ‘sparingly promoted’

  1. Low Profile says:

    With regard to the Societies Ordinance case, it appears to have been generally forgotten that the Ordinance was deactivated during Chris Patten’s term as Governor, with no apparent danger to public safety arising from its absence. It was reinstated after the Handover.

  2. Stanley Lieber says:

    The thread on the Stand News case is well worth reading.

  3. Unimpressed rugby fan says:

    Hong Kong is all set to humiliate itself at the Sevens this weekend. The world will be laughing at how stupid this city has become

    Our Witless Wonders in epidemiology think somehow capping stadium capacity at 34k not the 40k it could handle will make a difference. And that groups of only a dozen gathering makes all the difference if it was fifteen gathering or whatever. Fucking idiots, how do they keep a straight face.

    And forcing mask wearing? For three days, like that helps do anything than kill the buzz. Hong Kong routinely has 5k/day infections this last month, every one of them wearing these stupid pointless face nappies.

    The same epidemiologist idiots who a few months ago were telling us 21 days quarantine in hotels was necessary, then it was, er, 14 days, then it was, um, lets try 7 days. no, 3 days. Nope, zero days. But don’t you dare go to a restaurant for, er, 7 days; okay, okay, for 3 days work for everyone?

    These cretins are just making it up as they go along; keeping a few people in over paid jobs while they Lord it over Sevens fans for pointless reasons; and Hong Kong too will suffer.

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