Settling in…

…at my new place. Don’t want to go through that again anytime soon. 

Why people stay in NatSec/Covid-era Hong Kong: some don’t mind the NatSec/Covid crap; some are tied by family/work commitments; and of course many lack the opportunity or means to move. But I have just discovered another reason: the prospect of packing and unpacking is too nightmarish to face.

A few links…

CY Leung focuses the minds of senior civil servants who probably sit in the first two categories.

HKFP op-ed on NatSec judges apparently reciting CCP slogans.

Samuel Bickett on the Hong Kong financial summit thing, starting in just a few days. (The government seems to wish it had made it illegal to encourage a boycott.)

A breezily written Spectator piece predicting a Chinese invasion of Taiwan…

…to have law and order, Deng knew he needed to keep the political turnover in Beijing moving along at a healthy clip. No more maniac geezers like Mao hanging on until the country turned into a giant communist revival tent. Two terms and you’re done.

An ultra-long thread on CCP influence operations in the UK.

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15 Responses to Settling in…

  1. dimuendo says:

    The article in the Standard about CY Leung’s latest contribution has half way down “Justin Tong” then a report of a funeral supposedly the day before but attnded by incumbent CE Carrie Lam, Chief Sec Mathew Cheung and the delightful Theresa as Sec for Justice.
    Have the last few months somehow been wiped out or what?

  2. Chinese Netizen says:

    CY’s still campaigning in an “election” that had one candidate squeak by for the “win”??

    “Constitutional and mainland affairs chief Erick Tsang Kwok-wai said the government does not plan to change the requirement as all civil servants have to pledge allegiance to the SAR and the Basic Law.” ~The Standard
    Seems like Erick is likely a foreign pp holder and is still giving himself and his colleagues an “out” should they ever need it.

  3. Joe Blow says:

    So this was my first weekend without Twitter. Actually, it was not my first weekend: my account was “permanently suspended” two years ago, after I had said something unkind to Tung Chee-hwa. Since then I could only look at other tweeters.

    Just before permanently logging out (I didn’t even know I was still logged in) I noticed that the Canadian guy with the bagpipes also had left. I can understand that many tweeters will not quit because they don’t want to disappoint their 126 followers, or deprive them of their daily wit & wisdom and funny dog videos. But now that Twitter is owned by Elon Musk, a friend of both Trump and Putin, all I can say is: sayonara, suckers.

    Does anyone know how to quit Twitter in a technical way?

  4. Mary Melville says:

    Surely the best Gob Stopper on the CY passport campaign would be to demand that family members of ALL our CE’s give up their foreign passports. They are effectively still in the employ of HKSAR as tax payers have to fork out millions every month in supporting their post-retirement role, security, drivers, PA’s, upkeep of historic mansion and now a luxe office for ex-CE Lam.
    In view of their access to state leaders, confidential meetings and documents, they and their families should demonstrate total fidelity to the system. This would certainly set a fine example of “the best national security education” and protect the country from the risk of undesirable actions on the part of family members who are after all privy to the movements of their parents and siblings.

  5. Old Mind Doctor says:

    At the imminent Finance Gathering, will CE/FS be banging on about Belt & Road? We, locally, were bombarded with glorious enthusiasm about HK’s role as a ‘hub’ of this initiative 5 years ago. On this, all seems to have gone quiet.

    Can delegates expect a huge slide projection of the Occasional Vehicle Bridge? Unlikely.

    So what’s the ‘wow’ message of today? The international talent recruitment scheme? One waits with bated breath.

  6. justsayin says:

    Maybe some are hanging around for the Rugby Sevens?

  7. Wolflikeme says:

    @joe blow google “delete Twitter”.

    Really not that hard for those not suffering from TDS

  8. Tongue in boots says:

    KY Jelly has probably had to put his brown trousers on now that he’s seen how the much more powerful and indispensable Hu Jintao was dispensed with. A reminder to all the sycophants trying to get brownie points and friends in high places that the CCP categorically does not do friends or recognition for past achievements.

    I’m detecting a desperate “Must make myself look like loyal and important influencer if I am to survive retirement” scuttly-rat-like vibe coming off KY. I note he’s also not calling on his own wife, Regina Ching Yee Higgins, and kids to renounce their foreign passports. They’ll likely need them soon enough.

  9. Joe Blow says:

    Wolfie, thanks for the tip. I tried it but suddenly everything is in Chinese, so I’ll just let it go. One more phantom account to pad the numbers at Twitter, I guess. (poor advertisers, or should I say “suckers”).

    If I was a billionaire and in need of becoming a multi-billionaire, I would start an alternative Twitter-verse.

  10. Chinese Netizen says:

    As far as Twatter, not only do you have the odious Musk, but his #2 investor and business “partner” is now the Saudi government. If that’s not malevolent, putrid bang for your bucks, I don’t know what is.

    @Mary Melville: Not only should ALL immediate family members give up passports but they should be forced to live in the glorious motherland. Kind of a stable (literally) community so anytime there’s a perceived threat to leadership from within, the usual suspects can be easily rounded up. Isn’t that kind of what Zhongnanhai is for?

  11. Chinese Netizen says:

    @Joe Blow: “If I was a billionaire and in need of becoming a multi-billionaire, I would start an alternative Twitter-verse.” You mean like Truth Social? 🤪

  12. Big Al says:

    Except, of course, that the fat, orange, twat is NOT a multi-billionaire. Just another of his delusions, as we will soon find out in the tax fraud trial …

  13. YTSL says:

    @JoeBlow — The last I checked (a few seconds ago), the Canadian guy with the bagpipes is still on Twitter. Unless there somehow was more than one Canadian guy with the bagpipes on Twitter!

  14. justsayin says:

    Biglychee is my social network of choice, in all seriousness

  15. Mark Bradley says:

    “Biglychee is my social network of choice, in all seriousness”

    Seriously. Lots of excellent comments on here. It’s like the opposite of YouTube comments.

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