…of mini- (two days and 10 hours’) quarantine. Not enough time to have finished Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand – a JK Rowling-ish thing lying around on my Kindle for some reason. Trevor Howard would play the lead in the movie.

Now having to do multiple self- and non-self-tests over the coming days. And barred from restaurants. (Which reminds me of the food in Seoul: not just Korean, but amazing Indian, Uzbek, Nepalese and quasi-Jiangxi fare. Portion sizes are probably 30-50% bigger than in Hong Kong.)

Every person arriving in Hong Kong is telling other people around the world not to even think of coming here. A Bloomberg op-ed by a quarantine inmate who notes that the rituals are institutionalized and someone’s making a ton of money from all this… 

Hong Kong’s policies, guided by mainland China’s draconian zero-infections approach, have made misery the raison d’être of this once-vibrant economy.

… what was prudence in March 2020 looks like parody in September 2022.

Dr Owen on why ‘3+4’ has no scientific basis

Continued border quarantine will have a significant negative impact on the economy. At this stage of the epidemic, these policies will do significantly more long-term harm to population health than the disease itself.

A reminder that this a performance: Mainlanders can waltz in with no vaccination or quarantine (though they will be stuck in hotels when they go back over the border), and say hello to the monkeypox camp.

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8 Responses to Out…

  1. dopey says:

    The dopey family is slowly decamping from HK.

    Eldest of the children is off to University next year, and applications for boarding school are being completed.

    The current covid madness will probably subside but there’ll be something to replace it.

  2. Chris says:

    The test and incarcerate approach has been so successful at brutalising residents that it’s only natural they would build monkey pox camps. I wonder if they will eventually build a camp for every STD which is transmitted by fluid exchange? Or will they simply put a fence around Wanchai?

  3. Load Toad says:

    The only intention of these policies (apart from shovelling cash to well-connected tycoons) is to destroy Hong Kong completely.

  4. Big Al says:

    If they did, I guess people would be fighting to get in, rather than fighting to get out?

  5. wmjp says:

    Infectious disease expert Joseph Tsang says the Hong Kong government should stop giving mainland and Macau people vaccine passes even if they haven’t been jabbed or don’t have a medical exemption certificate.

    Michael Tien agreed that the exemption for mainlanders and Macau people should be scrapped.

    Joined up thinking again toeing the administration line. Much better scrap the vaccine pass (which truthfully is only a social control mechanism, nothing to do with health) and join the real world.

  6. ex-pd says:

    No need to do the self-tests, no-one will ever check.

  7. Kwun Tong Bypass says:

    @Load Toad
    I guess that is deliberate, or maybe the commies just letting it happen because it suits their agenda.
    And once HK is reaching a bottom say by the end of 2024, there come some new carrots from the mainland, and by 2026 HK is the new comprehensively shining Pearl of the Orient with Chinese Characteristics, singlehandedly created by El Supremo the People’s Leader (Führer!) Xi!

  8. Mark Bradley says:

    Anyone see this from the sub standard?


    Well now that the democrats suggested this, we might not get consumption vouchers next year.

    Also wow is their call for universal suffrage tone deaf since they know full well it’s going to be the “patriots only” kind

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