Special Yiddish edition

She still has another 14 days in office, so – hey, anything could happen, right? But it is probably not too soon to say that Carrie Lam has been the greatest disaster to hit Hong Kong since the Japanese occupation. Of course, from her point of view it’s the other way round: Hong Kong is the worst thing that ever happened to Carrie. Oblivious to the end on Bloomberg TV

When asked if she’d like to offer an apology to the Hong Kong people for anything during her time in office, Hong Kong’s outgoing leader Carrie Lam declined.

“No. I want to apologize to my husband, and my sons, for the sacrifices they’ve made.”

Do her husband and sons regard living thousands of miles away from her a ‘sacrifice’?

In another interview

For Lam, the most unforgettable event of her term will be the implementation of the national security law on June 30, 2020 as her hands would have been tied without the Beijing-drafted legislation.

“Without the national security law, there would be no ‘patriots ruling Hong Kong’ and without ‘patriots ruling Hong Kong’ there would be a lot of things that could not be done,” she said.

The chutzpah gets better…

Lam denied that people were emigrating because of the national security law, saying the emigration wave only emerged over the past year but the national security law was implemented two years ago.

“They emigrated mostly because of high housing prices and Covid border restrictions in the SAR, while overseas countries stepped up with talent appeal schemes,” she said.

So that’s OK then!

All you could ever possibly want to know about the Great 2022 Kennedy Town Bagel War. And if you like your crappy over-hyped ‘concept’ food outlets served as villains in the struggle against imperialist classist racist misogynist cultural evils, here come the Very Serious Thought Police on the subject.

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12 Responses to Special Yiddish edition

  1. Chinese Netizen says:

    Lamb Curry’s level of disingenuous reality detachment is truly next level. She makes 臉皮厚 (thick skinned face) come across like a goddamned compliment!

  2. lyingcnutknuckler says:

    This bitch…

    your poor son, who got a degree from a prestigious university while about 74% of secondary school students who graduate in Hong Kong do not get placed in schools of their choice.

  3. Kwun Tong Bypass says:

    Arrogant, condescending, ignorant.
    Like a ROBOT running on XJP software
    It’s the new style, I guess
    God help us!

  4. Reactor #4 says:

    I reckon cryptocurrencies are rubbish – you’d be an idiot to invest a dollar in the things.

  5. Mary Melville says:

    Competition watchdog takes cartel case against company owned by justice chief Teresa Cheng’s husband
    A chicken and egg scenario.
    Were they sitting on this until the post of Sec for Injustice in new admin was approved or is it use and abuse now that expiry date is up?

  6. Mark Bradley says:

    Wow Elizabeth Lacouture on Twitter needs to find a hobby. Everything is about white supremacy eh?

    Institutional racism does exist and whites do propagate it in US and other white dominated countries against ethic minorities (driving while black, etc
    ) so white supremacy is a thing and this did extend to HK until the NSL era since now it’s all about patriots and ccp supremacy here.

    But you also have Han Supremacy (think Singapore where Han dominate government or PRC where they commit genocide against Uyghurs) and Malay supremacy in (Malays in Malaysia setup institutional racism that benefits Malays and harms Han Chinese).

    Yes humans are horrible to each other and tribalist. We should take action to stop it, but it is not just about white supremacy and way some of ultra leftist present it makes you want to 🙄

  7. Mark Bradley says:

    I reckon cryptocurrencies are rubbish – you’d be an idiot to invest a dollar in the things.”

    Is the stock market doing any better?

    I bought crypto at 3,600 usd and 8k usd as well as “mined” a ton on my pc. The correct market correction isn’t a big a problem for me and may present an opportunity to buy more.

  8. justsayin says:

    Sometimes a bagel is just a bagel- I suppose Elizabeth Lacouture will be found down at the lovely ‘authentic’ cha caan teng serving fried french toast with golden syrup, club sandwiches and noodles with fried eggs and spam, and tea/coffee mix— at least until they put kombucha on the menu.

  9. Learn English with Regina says:

    Vagina Ip is set to become the Convenor of the Executive Council.

    This is the same Vagina Ip who was chased out of town 20 years ago, after massive protests made it impossible for her to stay in her job.

    This is the same Vagina Ip whose party was wiped out (0 seats left) during the last free District Council elections.

    In the meantime, the members of the democratic camp in LegCo -representing millions of votes- are rotting away in prison, enduring the agony of harsh prison life every day, without trial.

    This is how the compromised Hong Kong Government is thumping its runny nose at the people of Hong Kong. Can’t wait for the next op-ed column in the Alibaba Rag calling all people to “come together” for the common good of Hong Kong under 1Cunt2Systems.

  10. Mary Melville says:

    So Bradley is responsible for HK’s contribution to global warming?

  11. Mark Bradley says:

    “So Bradley is responsible for HK’s contribution to global warming?”


  12. Chinese Netizen says:

    Vag had to be thrown some kind of bone to show “attagirl” for all her slavish devotion to the CCP, support for the regime and badmouthing of the true patriots (in jail). “Useful fuckwit” comes to mind.

    My only questions is *why*?? The CCP has proven they don’t need no stinking show of gratitude for the ass lickers…their superior selves can go it alone just fine, right? I guess a Vag in the pocket is worth… ???

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