Government suitably un-relaxes

Hong Kong’s relaxation of Covid measures goes into un-relaxation mode, again, in a manner the official statement describes as ‘suitably’ (reminds me of the time the press releases called all infrastructure projects ‘necessary’). In order to enter a bar, you must show a photo of a recent negative RAT test with your name and the date and a notary public’s stamp crammed onto the little plastic box to prove scientifically and absolutely that it is yours and current. 

And the purpose of this is? Apparently an attempt to appear to be micro-managing clusters. Or something.

Some mid-week links…

Nikkei Asia on the weakening of judicial independence in Hong Kong and what it means for business…

Alvin Cheung, the scholar, argued that “certainly if your line of work involves dealing with [state-owned enterprises], you should not be in Hong Kong.”

“I would suggest that the presumption should be in favor of Singapore, unless you have really, really compelling reasons to be in Hong Kong in particular. And in that case you should perform risk management accordingly. Which is to say, any risk assessments conducted prior to 2020 are absolutely irrelevant.”

HKFP op-ed on the Justice Dept’s time-wasting prosecutions.

From David Webb, a searchable dataset of the Hong Kong government’s accounts since 1999 – ‘a resource for any policy researcher, journalist, student or legislator investigating how the Government raises, saves and spends its money’. Bookmark it.

For masochists – in New York, a personal memoir by Karen Cheung of the descent of Hong Kong into a NatSec/Covid dystopia.

From CMP, a history of the CCP’s use of the word ‘core’ – as in ‘party leadership’. (Trigger warning: contains pic of Jimmy Carter halfway through.)

Foreign Affairs asks has China lost Europe?

A BBC report on weird racist videos Chinese make in Africa.

An interesting blog post refuting the claim that the DPP is de-sinicizing Taiwan.

For those home-sick for Japan, a great thread on the country’s user-oriented design.

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4 Responses to Government suitably un-relaxes

  1. Chinese Netizen says:

    “Which is to say, any risk assessments conducted prior to 2020 are absolutely irrelevant.”

    There’s an unabashed vote of confidence for “Asia’s World City”.

  2. boeingboeing says:

    do you need to show a RAT test to enter the airport? We no longer need to show a positive test to leave for America, but wondering if they are micromanaging entry into the airport

  3. steve says:

    The Karen Cheung article is sad, but it has the virtue of being beautifully written. She’s going to be quoted in future years by historians writing about what the fall of Hong Kong felt like to Hongkongers.

  4. Leavin' on a jet plane says:


    my research tells me not, but you never know…

    also flying out in a few days to the Land of the Free.

    I know several who left to other locales recently and did not need test results.

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