Today’s Headline That Solves All Our Problems…

…comes from the SCMP:

(Based on my cursory reading, the article gently and respectfully suggests that the Hong Kong government might set up a committee to consider the possibility of getting its head out of its ass.)

Your daily mouth-frothing tantrum comes from Global Times, relaying Chinese nationalists’ hurt feelings over TVB’s award to actress Ali Li. (What groveling response can we expect from money-losing-but-patriotic TVB?)

For gentlefolk of a more-delicate disposition, a limper semi-conniption from the Security Secretary about an editorial in the Wall Street Journal (whose filing cabinet of whiny letters from the Hong Kong government must now be bursting at the seams). While relatively mild, whoever wrote it does at least manage to include the Security Bureau’s official angry-official word ‘appalling’.

This week’s Chabuduo Award for cheap hastily-erected crappy-looking flagpoles goes to…HKU!

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4 Responses to Today’s Headline That Solves All Our Problems…

  1. where's my jet plane says:

    John Lee’s letter writer will be in trouble (hopefully) for not giving the full name of HK in the signature block which should be Hong Kong Special Administration Region of the Peoples’ Republic of China

    Tut Tut

  2. Chinese Netizen says:

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say the vast, vast majority of rabid nationalists on the mainland couldn’t have cared less about (or even have been aware of) what TVB does, but rather it was just too good an outrage to pass up for the GT editors, without a second glance wearing the offended Chinaman glasses.

    Meanwhile, THIS is what what’s truly on Chinamen’s minds!! Imagine being outraged at some poor girl because she chose NOT to run off to Korea for surgery to make her eyes more western looking!

  3. The Flagellator says:

    Concerning HKU’s new flagpole collection. Anyone familiar with the University’s campus will recognize that it’s in one of the most least visible spots possible – next to the fishpond that sits under the Law Faculty building. Clearly much thought has gone into the “hidden” location – it is very definitely not there by accident. The problem, though, is that to the people for whom adorned flag-poles matter a lot to will not be impressed and will pick up on the intent. I predict a rapid relocation, plus2-3 associated defenestrations – this is a serious faux pas.

  4. Mary Melville says:

    re Flagellator : You are obviously not aware of HKU’s empire building and the many new towers it is hoping to squeeze not only onto the campus but also on any remaining green belt in Pok Fu Lam. The fishpond site might not be suitable for its grandiose plans, or perhaps will be the only sliver of open space left after PFL is slathered in concrete.

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