HK Alliance gets NatSec treatment

Mightily miffed at the point-blank rejection of their demand to rummage through all the group’s files, the NatSec police rather predictably round up HK Alliance members, including Chow Hang-tung. 

The latter was due to represent Gwyneth Ho (in jail on suspicion of subversion-by-primary-election), whose request that reporting restrictions be lifted for her bail application was – predictably – turned down. By sticking to her principles on this, she of course has no chance of bail. (Ho’s statement is here. Holmes Chan explains it all here and here.) 

As the tone of related Security Bureau/police statements suggests, the NatSec regime is flustered and angry at the Alliance’s impertinence. The system will exact retribution for the perceived disrespect – notably dismissing the cops’ claim to have evidence that the group is a foreign agent. The authorities are also no doubt infuriated by these activists’ refusal to show fear, and will want to make an example of them. It won’t be pretty.

An analysis of the two overlapping cases here.

Probably a good time to consult HKFP’s guide to writing to people in Hong Kong prisons.

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18 Responses to HK Alliance gets NatSec treatment

  1. where's my jet plane says:

    I hope that the Alliance has trashed all its paper and digital files already.
    Hint for other threatened organisations to do the same.

  2. Toph says:

    Chow knows she will go to prison no matter what she does. What she’s doing is forcing the government to make absolute monkey’s arses of themselves to put her there. For whatever that’s worth in this day and age.

  3. Pope Innocent says:

    One wonders whether it is naivety or simple masochism that compels people to stay and be arrested. Successful rebellions usually build their forces beyond the reach of local “law” enforcement. Though none on the pro democrats abroad seem to be doing much to further the cause.

  4. Big Al says:

    A brave lady. I wonder how many of us would be willing to stick to our principles in the face of such government-sponsored threats and intimidation?

  5. Con vincing people says:

    It’s a worthwhile endeavour to spell out the reality in big block letters so the few remaining useful idiots who are corrupt enough to still try to pretend that there is rule of law and an independent judiciary here get shown up as the utter self-serving conmen that they are. Looking at you, Robert Reed and you, Patrick Hodge.

  6. Chinese Netizen says:

    Big Al said: “A brave lady. I wonder how many of us would be willing to stick to our principles in the face of such government-sponsored threats and intimidation?”

    Wouldn’t it be ever so sweet to watch the commies and their HK lapdogs go full apoplectic if someone nominated her for the Nobel Prize or some other very prestigious award that the commies themselves yearn for though they try to show disdain and indifference?

  7. Toph says:

    @ Con vincing people: I’m just not sure what good it does to expose conmen anymore. They’re still going to con. They’re not fooling anyone who doesn’t want to be fooled. Shamelessly participating in mass delusion is a base requirement of authoritarianism.

  8. reductio says:

    @Pope Innocent

    Or principles?

  9. Knownot says:

    I have read – not the book itself – but these folksy words spoken by the leading character in ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’:

    “I wanted you to see what real courage is . . . It’s when you know you’re licked before you begin, but you begin anyway and see it through no matter what. You rarely win, but sometimes you do.”

  10. Pope Innocent says:

    @reductio “or principles”

    Principles and stupidity are not mutually exclusive, but need not be synonymous. Successful revolutionaries throughout history have all been principled, but did something useful instead of getting themselves locked up and exposing all past benefactors to persecution.

  11. Mjrelje says:

    What an absolutely superb thought @Chinese netizen. How would one go about that? — asking for a friend.

  12. Mary Melville says:

    While the media covered the demise of RTHK’s City Forum, that brought together politicians, academics and prominent public figures to discuss current issues, with the assistance of a group of vocal ‘blue uncles’, the castration of Backchat has been achieved without as much as a whimper, much less any form of explanation to the long suffering tax payers.

    It may be a coincidence but perhaps some scurrilous remark was recorded on Friday 3rd as that programme was removed from the archives. If someone managed to save it please post what should be an historic record of the end of an era for public access.

    Since then the host Hugh Chiverton has gone AWOL and the topics discussed yawn inducing. Very noticeable is that no calls are taken and no messages read out apart from the occasional very pro-everything contributors. An audio version of the obsequious TVB ‘Straight Talk’.

    Fri – Global Security – good for some rants about the failings of the US
    Thurs – Qianhai / Third Runway – Rah Rah Rah
    Weds – HK longevity / Expo industry – safe topics
    Tues – Covid / Wild Boar – in other words Bore
    Mon – Changes in China / Paralympics – Rah Rah Rah

    While the administration is no doubt applauding itself on another coup, it would be wise if it bears in mind that when nobody tunes in the desired advocacy is not achieved.

  13. Mark Bradley says:

    Judge Esther Toh is a f****ng c**t and a willing stooge of the regime. A fucking embarrassment to call this clown a judge and she is destroying the rule of law and civil society. Society that mirrors the State will be all that is left thanks to sellout c**t Judges like Esther Toh.

  14. Mark Bradley says:

    @Pope Innocent

    “Principles and stupidity are not mutually exclusive, but need not be synonymous. Successful revolutionaries throughout history have all been principled, but did something useful instead of getting themselves locked up and exposing all past benefactors to persecution.”

    Boy that Nelson Mandela sure was stupid to get himself locked up for 27 years! haha! Actually at least when it comes to the HK Alliance, one would assume they took the opportunity to destroy records after they publicly stated they would refuse to cooperate. They deserve credit for not snitching on their comrades, but it seems some people are only capable of heaping criticism. At least make it constructive criticism.

    So many smug statements from a person sitting in their easy chair and not facing persecution! I am sure if they had your smartass in charge, you would do everything perfectly.

  15. A Simple Minded Man says:

    Pope Innocent (or should it be Naive) – They were going to be arrested and charged even if they gave the po po everything that was asked for. It was only a matter of when, not if. Also, leaving wasn’t an option since as of last month the government claims the power to prevent anyone from leaving HK (of course this will only affect a very small minority of society). There is no doubt that a long list of names exists for people to be stopped at the airport, and theirs are undoubtedly on it.

    While I might be confused and simple minded regarding many issues, on this one my mind is crystal clear.

  16. Toph says:

    Insofar as Pope Egotist here has expressed any consistent beliefs, it is that the victimized invariably deserved it because they weren’t clever or strong enough to avoid it. Which, given the Catholic church’s record, is extremely fitting for someone calling himself “Pope”.

  17. Mary Melville says:

    To round up this week on Backchat. Again today no callers who might blurt out some unpalatable truths and the only read outs from TC and ‘enery, regular panty liners. Hen’s take on Taleban shutting down half it’s sky is that ‘they are now more politically mature….certain Islamic customs …… but should not let this obscure the full picture’.
    Indeed, when gals get their hands on a few chocs and hair clips patriarchies tremble.

  18. Pope Innocent says:

    It is indeed easy to criticise folly from an exhalted position on high at the feet of Him Upstairs, but anyone with a modicum of sense – or even an intellectually-challenged child – would have seen the way the wind was blowing in the summer of ’19 and begun preparing to make an exit. Anyone arriving at the airport two years later and expressing surprise at the security arrangements must indeed be extraordinarily simple-minded.

    Nevertheless, I once again applaud young Bradley’s unbounded optimism. Perhaps, in an infinite universe, languishing in jail for 27 years waiting for world opinion to crystallise and people to write pop songs about you is indeed a successful strategy for effecting change. Let us meet back here in 2048 and see – though I have my reservations about the international community’s sustained (or, indeed, any) interest in Ms Chow, and by then of course Hong Kong will really be like China in law as well as in practice.

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