HK prisons fight chocolate-and-hair-clips menace

Is the NatSec regime big and tough, or pitiful and petty? Security Secretary PK Tang freaks out over prisoners ‘building up forces’ and making inmates hate China, thus threatening national security, by (cue scary organ crescendo) sharing chocolate and hair clips supplied by an NGO. Or something. More here.

While authorities see a dastardly plot, it looks like some inmates and supporters – drawn from Hong Kong’s smart and resourceful political and social activists – are organizing small-scale mutual aid networks while they are behind bars. Maybe it would have been better if the government had left them at liberty, where they could focus their energy on district council work and helping local residents, while our top officials could maintain a dignified air of calm self-confidence.

But Leninists must always be paranoid. Chris Yeung looks at the cops’ claims that the impressively unfazed HK Alliance is working for evil foreign forces. And – just as you thought it couldn’t get weirder than chocolate and hair clips – cycling campaigner Martin Turner is arrested in a suspected plot to plant a bomb at the Legislative Council. Or at least check the bike-parking facilities. 

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7 Responses to HK prisons fight chocolate-and-hair-clips menace

  1. HKJC Irregular says:

    Cigarettes, biscuits, girlie mags and even The Guardian have long been currency inside British clinks (and later came the drugs and homemade hooch). Similar would be the case in Hong Kong’s Correctional Institutes, and there have been recorded cases of HKIC officers aiding and abetting Mr Big’s import biz.
    Laughable but also dismaying how Tang gets cretinous about something of a smaller and harmless scale. Next step they’ll be isolating the “political prisoners.”
    Smash H-blocks!

  2. YTSL says:

    And the police do their part to add to Hong Kong’s sizable political prisoner population this morning…

    As Chris Fraser (formerly of HKU philosophy, but now based in Toronto) put it: “Yet another morning of heartache in Hong Kong, after dozens of other sad mornings…”

  3. where's my jet plane says:

    Given the probable temperatures inside HK’s prisons chocolate is likely to be a liquid asset.

  4. where's my jet plane says:

    OT but someone organising the 3rd runway fiesta must have a sense of humour – issuing Her Who Must Obey with a yellow hard hat;

  5. Chinese Netizen says:

    The thing is, you get the feeling the CCPoPo really, REALLY love being total cocksuckers since this is letting it all out and releasing years of pent up frustration of having to be public servants with customer service skills and accountable to scrutiny, media attention and such inconveniences as a police complaints office.

    Now these skinny, bespectacled geeks that collected action figures in school get to actually play untethered tough cop, run around with cool new tactical gear and silly made up cosplay/LARPer names as “Raptors” and “Black Panthers”.

    Even the cops on the mainland aren’t this pathetic when it comes to optics.

  6. Kwun Tong Bypass says:

    She was told it is a crown!
    So, she is wearing it like one.
    And look at her proud smile!
    Elmer Fudd came to my mind.

  7. Stanley Lieber says:

    @Chinese Netizen

    “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”
    – Lord Acton, 1887

    The HKPF’s change in behaviour was entirely predictable and practically inevitable, and if history is any guide, it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

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