A quick tour of the pro-Beijing camp today

The Hong Kong government is perplexed about whether and how to support the 2022 Gay Games. Some pro-Beijing lawmakers, including the rabid Junius Ho and the embarrassingly dim Holden Chow, are against the whole thing on some sort of Neanderthal or Victorian principles (Carrie Lam referred to it as the ‘same-sex games’ because she couldn’t handle the ‘g’ word). Regina Ip, on the other hand, displays her worldly sophisticated savoir-faire by supporting the event. 

On top of that, of course you have Covid. If the games go ahead, what’s the betting they take place in Taiwan?

On the subject of Reg – if you’d like a Rolex 1991 Cellini ladies’ gold watch encrusted with solid genuine diamonds, she’s your gal. Just get vaccinated and join her political party! But wait! There’s more! The lucky winner gets free, no extra charge, bonus fresh juicy tourmalines! Who can resist? (She’s also offering a metric ton of tea or something as a consolation prize. You still have to join her party, though.)

Elsewhere on the pro-Beijing front, we have some tycoon news…

Ronnie Chan, who inherited one of Hong Kong’s biggest property developers and turned it into one of the city’s medium-size ones – and who is American by citizenship, hangs out with Asia Society/Ivy League/retired-diplomat types, and whose kids are US-educated – tells Hong Kong people to educate their kids in Mandarin

And ‘Dr’ Philip ‘finger’ Wong dies of cancer in a US hospital – because who would trust a Mainland one? (OK, the finger incident: he was pretty drunk, having been barricaded in the Legislative Council bar for ages while protesters surrounded the building. Don’t ask how I know.) 

While undeniably assholes, both these shoe-shiners – if you met them – are/were quite amusing company. In contrast, I suspect, with the knuckle-dragging opportunist Junius/Holden brigade, or the humorless self-important Carrie/Reg-type bureaucrats.

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17 Responses to A quick tour of the pro-Beijing camp today

  1. drunkdonkey says:

    While we are tossing around old gems, you know another guy I miss who has since met his maker, or his maker’s mark? Kevin Egan, the portly and steam engine cheeked Australian lawyer who was part of the Nancy Kissell trial. I used to see this bloke in the bar at the FCC and would wander over for a chin wag because undoubtedly the stories he told were the ones that would not by law make it into the morning papers. And they were doozies!

  2. Joe Blow says:

    For those of you who are rushing to join Vagina’s party: not so fast, fellers! The New People’s Party, despite it faux revolutionary-sounding name, only accepts members with a university degree. Taxi drivers need not apply. They wouldn’t look good with a Rolex ladies watch anyway.

    Talking of Kevin Egan: the only time I met him was in church. I kid you not. It was in the Cathedral so only a short hop from the corner of the main bar. It was around that time when he was on trial for something quite serious. Was it related to the corrupt New Zealand ex-prosecutor ?

  3. Low Profile says:

    I have met Ronnie Chan, as it happens – outside of his political views, he’s a nice guy.

  4. drunkdonkey says:

    Low Profile: Apologies, I first read that as “outside of his pants,” he’s a nice guy.” Please continue.

    Joe Blow: I do believe he was up for libel or defamation or something… I really don’t remember, but I have heard some other wonderfully colourful tales from him that I shall not repeat in an environment that may lead me into trouble.

  5. Big Al says:

    I had tourmalines once. They gave me terrible wind. Never again!

  6. Boris Badanov says:

    The interesting question is what the new “improved” HK people’s congress will attract. The Junius/Holden/Priscilla/“Dr” Elizabeth set certainly seem to feel it’s their time to prove themselves or at least try to demonstrate that they’re enthusiastic patriots and not loyal trash. They also seem to feel that they’re now free to untether themselves from any social nicety or pretense they believe in the liberal society most of the rest of us to some degree or other inhabit. Free to be fascistic, small-minded, racist, xenophobic, homophobic, sexist and any other type of modern not nice-ness you can name. I fear the new legislature for the idiocy and meanspiritness it will no doubt unleash and fear the tragic-comedy that will ensue will only partially compensate.

  7. Andrew Mountford says:

    @Low Profile

    That’s a bit like saying ‘Apart from being a serial killer Dennis Nilsen was a decent bloke.’

  8. Des Espoir says:

    The next stage in our mainlandization will be making switch to driving on the right… Mock not – this was suggested by one of the pro-Beijing think tanks back in 1998….

  9. Mary Melville says:

    For Ronny its pay back for approval of Hang Lung’s acquisition of the bargain basement US Consulate Shouson Hill properties.
    Regina is trying to lure back the supporters lost re her calls for curbs on dual citizenship, an issue of more concern to middle class than grass roots.

  10. Kwun Tong Bypass says:

    I guess Reg bought that Rolex when she opened her bank account in Geneva, Switzerland.

  11. Revolution says:

    @Mary Melville, this issue is one on which Regina is generally liberal in Hong Kong terms. She has stood up for gay rights before. I have heard on the grapevine that this may be because one of her relatives is gay, although I don’t know whether that’s true or not.

  12. Hugo Maxwell-Mahon says:

    @Revolution. Who’d have thought Regina would pass for “radical” in our now near-homogenous legislature? It will be fascinating — OK, fairly interesting — to watch this miserable bunch try to find points of differentiation. The usual suspects will take the low road, of course. Junius off to a flyer.

  13. where's my jet plane says:

    @ Revolution
    may be because one of her relatives is gay
    Or maybe a more personal interest?

    On other matters: does anyone know if Wilson Chan is one of Carrie’s chosen judges? Re: Next Digital’s attempt to reclaim its documents from Asia’s Unfinest.

  14. Low Profile says:

    Another thought on Ronnie Chan: it is not illegal in the USA to lobby for the interests of a foreign government, as Ronnie has essentially been doing through the Asia Society. However, anyone doing so is required by law to register as a foreign agent. Has Ronnie so registered, and if not, would notifying the US authorities of this omission render me in breach of the NSL in Hong Kong?

  15. dimuendo says:

    Jet Plane

    According to reports Wilson Chan together with Ether Toh and Anthea Pang will be the presiding/trying judges in Tang Ying-kit’s case in the High Court. He of motorcycle fame on 1st July. On conviction apparently 10 years up imprisonment

  16. Xi Jin Ping says:

    Hey! This coming Tuesday, it’s my 68th birthday! So sharpen up and bow down!

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