Some nearly-end-of-week links…

An HKFP op-ed writer deregisters as a voter. Not sure this makes sense. The more right-thinking people there are on the electoral rolls, the smaller the percentage turnout of registered voters will be when they boycott an election. A turnout below 30% would be a major embarrassment to the government. Register but don’t vote.

We’ve discussed it knowingly for a year, now find out what it is: everything (it’s big) you wanted to know about herd immunity, by HKU’s Prof Ben Cowling.

Jerome Cohen comments on the inconsistent results of the HK47’s bail applications, and how the NatSec Law is ‘expansive and hopelessly vague’. HKFP on the weird reporting restrictions. Reuters on the Yellow online store catering to the needs of political prisoners.

Transit Jam on the sustainability of FoodPanda-type deliveries in Hong Kong, including tales of delinquents ordering tiny items from stores just a short walk away. Obviously, getting meals delivered (unless you’re aged and infirm) is slovenliness beyond even that of the wretches who buy microwavable ready-cooked rice from Marks & Spencer. But Hong Kong supermarkets’ hyper-cramped interiors and long check-out lines don’t exactly make shopping in person a pleasant experience.

NPR asks where Covid-19 came from. Looks like wildlife farms – encouraged by the government – in southern China. By ‘wildlife’ we mean bizarre beasts you’re not supposed to domesticate.

How Beijing gets an easy ride when the US news media are owned by entertainment companies.

From The Initium, a huge collection of posters and Lennon Wall-related materials from 2019.

Probably busy tomorrow catching up on the Midsomer Murders Bot. But here’s a quick quiz… Japan has the highest percentage of people aged over 100 in the world. Hong Kong has the third-highest. Which country comes second?

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23 Responses to Some nearly-end-of-week links…

  1. Now and Then says:

    Is it the Vatican ? 😉

  2. Casira says:

    Register a put a massive “Diu” into the envelope seems much more efficient if done at scale.

  3. Mark Bradley says:

    “But here’s a quick quiz… Japan has the highest percentage of people aged over 100 in the world. Hong Kong has the third-highest. Which country comes second?”


  4. Stanley Lieber says:


  5. Mjrelje says:

    If it’s Macau then I’m loving the use of the word ‘country’

  6. Kwun Tong Bypass says:

    I will go to the ‘election’, should it ever happen, get the ballot paper and either; a) tear it up in public and dump it in the nearest trash bin, or, more likely; b) go to the booth and simply put too many crosses or stamps on it, so that it is an invalid vote! Let them report a majority of invalid votes!

  7. Ho Ma Fan says:

    I also intend to exercise my democratic rights by spoiling my ballot with a little doodle of a penis. Let them report a majority of cartoon cocks!

  8. Joe Blow says:

    I am disappointed at the lack of creativity of ‘you lot’. I voted in the last DC elections and I shall vote again. I will draw a big dick on the ballot paper and point an arrow to the most despicable name I can find on the list.

  9. Low Profile says:

    @Kwun Tong Bypass – another alternative: cross out the names of all the DAB lickspittles and write in the name of the candidate you would have voted for if they weren’t disqualified. It won’t get them into LegCo, but it will send a message.

  10. Reactor #4 says:


  11. Ben Cowling says:

    Two mentions in two days ♡♡♡ thanks Hemlock!

  12. Apple Clock says:

    Is it still Thursday? (Asking for a friend who’s been working from home almost a year.)

  13. Chinese Netizen says:

    I find it hard to believe a “Yellow store” is allowed to even independently operate in today’s HK unless it’s actually run by some bastard child of a local heavyweight/epistocrat that is doing it to give the kid cred as an “entrepreneur” to add to his CV.

  14. Mjrelje says:

    Switzerland. GIYF.

  15. Hermes says:

    @Mjrelje – thought it was Uruguay. But maybe that’s last year’s data.

  16. now and then says:

    Uruguay, just to put an end to this.

  17. steve says:

    I always used to deface my FC ballot with “Kill the CCP now.” By now, I imagine they can do a biometric ID, so probably best to just boycott.

  18. Henry says:

    Uruguay. Just google it……

  19. dimuendo says:

    To all you google fanatics the suggestions of the Vatican and the “country” of Macau, even Switzerland, were at least humorous.

  20. Toph says:

    What makes you think they’ll report accurate vote totals at all if the turnout is embarassingly low? They’re willing to lie about everything else.

  21. Kwun Tong Bypass says:

    @Reactor#4, sorry, “lad”, you seem not to know what authoritarianism is all about. Google “Jolovan Wham” and get a first lesson straight from the SingaBorean “Lee Kum Kee School of Policing the Public” (or something like that).

  22. Mark Bradley says:

    Reactor #4 is a shit for brains tankie and a lost cause.

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