The week can stop now, thanks

Yesterday evening, the HK Police smashed my door down, forced me to provide an anal swab, handed me a can of luncheon meat, and warned that I will be arrested if I step outside for the next 18 hours. Or at least it feels like it. Think I’ll call an end to the week before it gets any worse (unless it gets really worse). Links…

Some 10 years ago, the Hong Kong government introduced a ‘Liberal Studies’ high-school course to encourage critical thinking. Next thing, we get the 2014 Umbrella Movement and then the 2019 Uprising – so pro-Beijing figures concluded the curriculum had worked too well. Now, your average shoe-shiner is too afraid not to be seen blaming it, along with the CIA, for the city’s discontent. The most petrified and spineless are using their time and taxpayers’ money focusing intently on renaming the subject

From HKFP: a pointed reminder of how the Hong Kong government’s anti-pandemic efforts are largely pointless, heartless, wasteful theatrics; a call to hold Beijing responsible for its role in letting Covid-19 loose on the world; and, if the disease strikes, a reminder that traditional voodoo won’t do the trick.

Regina Ip, getting desperate in her old age, is churning out Tweets about Uighur pop stars that prove everything is fine up there. Alternatively, here’s the latest stomach-churning gruesomeness from Xinjiang (rapes in concentration camps – feel free to skip).

One thing the Hong Kong government hasn’t had to do yet: the regime in Belarus is knocking down snowmen with a red stripe across the middle – representing the flag/symbol of the revolt. 

A reminder that, historically, Chinese rulers haven’t cared much about Taiwan.

Hey – it might be interesting! In Atlantic, Jeffrey Wasserstrom asks why there are no biographies of Xi Jinping.

Why Beijing is worried that young people aren’t marrying.

In case you missed it, why the US should leverage Chinese domestic discontent with Xi Jinping, and other recommendations from ‘anonymous’.

Former US industry bosses and others call on the Biden administration to pursue decoupling with China in tech.

And (it’s perfect weather for it) some live Hong Kong archaeology action.

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7 Responses to The week can stop now, thanks

  1. Probably says:

    Digressing slightly, but is it just me or have the local media outlets failed to report this news?

  2. Din Dan Che says:

    @ Probably – It’s been all over the place. Practically anyone can get nominated, even Trump.

  3. dimuendo says:


    Even I recognise it as pure posturing.
    Who is going to pick up the award? How to be distributed? To individuals left in HK or to those who are abroad or who?

    Even the CCP should be able to ignore the nomination. Unless of course it was awarded , when my questions would come into sharp, albeit extremely unlikely, focus.

  4. Goatboy says:

    Nury Vistasi has rubbished the BBC’s reports of systemic rape in Xinjiang. So that’s one less thing to worry about.

  5. Stanley Leiber says:


    Yes, Jimmy Lai would be a much more suitable choice.

  6. donkeybutt says:

    Compulsory anal lockdowns are simply PR. Please take note: they started doing the lockdowns as cases were already signalling a decline. Now they will bask in the glow of forcing people to eat cup a noodle in their homes (which they were doing anyway) and say that this enforced frugality and puritan manicuring of the public consciousness is another in the long list of things that oh didn’t you know saved Hong Kong.

  7. Chef Wonton says:

    @ Hemlock

    See you are getting more and more into links. Thanks for those, they are pretty interesting.

    Suggestion: edit your code so your links “Open in new window”… helps us old fogeys

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