Yellow socks to be banned in law courts

The new Chief Justice is sworn in. Andrew Cheung Kui-nung will have been heavily vetted by the CCP. His first public comments as head of the judiciary are the familiar warnings against saying nasty things about judges – who, he says, must be ‘impartial, free from bias or prejudice’. 

This is just after District Court Judge Ernest Lim orders that anyone wearing yellow facemasks in the courtroom be taken down to the cells and flogged. Some may consider Lim a bigoted jerk, and his comments (English graphic here) borderline obtuse. I couldn’t possibly comment. But who needs dangerous unpatriotic radicals to bring judges into disrepute when we have Judge Ernie?

From the SCMP report on the new Chief Justice…

People who have met Cheung describe his reserved style and knack for keeping a low profile. Others say he is a devout Christian…

As a former appeal court judge, he is known for some conservative decisions…

Human rights lawyer Mark Daly said: “…I have concerns, given some of his early judgments with respect to refugee and migrant rights and LGBT+ rights, which were thankfully put right at the Court of Final Appeal.”

No more of that ‘putting right’ nonsense from now on – Cheung will of course be on the Court of Final Appeal.

Meanwhile, to ensure a steady stream of enemies of the state for the courts to convict, the HK Police are pleased to announce their latest purge – tennis players.

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12 Responses to Yellow socks to be banned in law courts

  1. where's my jet plane says:

    Judge Ernie presumably also has a rather restricted diet. No bananas, eggs (including egg tart), custard, yellow pepper, yellow curry, turmeric, cheese, butter, margarine, yellowtail fish…the list is long.

  2. Probably says:

    Does this means I am committing a crime when I wear my Maidstone United (amber) facemask in public? I am lucky it is too cold for people to see my team shirt and underwear!

  3. Probably says:

    “Meanwhile, to ensure a steady stream of enemies of the state for the courts to convict, the HK Police are pleased to announce their latest purge – Tennis Players”

    I would have thought tennis players are at least 1.5m apart during 99% of the game? What about the queue of hundreds at 7.30am waiting for the free newspapers outside Fortress Hill station who close together?

  4. Where's my jet plane says:

    PS: What’s the betting that the four who pleaded guilty in the Yellow Mask Ban trial will get a very stiff sentence and a very biased bollocking from the Bench to go with it?

  5. Guest says:

    History has shown that tennis courts are hotbeds of revolutionary activity.

    Plus, those tennis racquets are a dual threat. Their wide, flat surfaces give an attacker a better chance of hitting something (a cop’s head, for instance), while on defense, the same surface can block a tear gas canister fired from the opposite direction and even hit it back.

  6. reductio says:

    If I pee in a public urinal, do I now run the risk of arrest? Thank goodness its Winter. Drink lots of fluids guys.

  7. Steve Mc Garret says:

    I remember during my study of the French Revolution something
    called the Tennis Court Oath. Maybe the cops are onto something.

  8. Paul says:

    I’m really curious how the Commies manage to reconcile the Chief Justice swearing allegiance to the Party and to no other, whilst holding what appears to be a Bible in his hand?

  9. Ho Ma Fan says:

    @Paul; it’s ok. They are sworn atheists, so I don’t think that they can even see bibles.

  10. where's my jet plane says:

    whilst holding what appears to be a Bible in his hand?

    Probably the Little Red Book in disguise.

  11. Wong Cheuk says:

    Get ready to burn your CDs folks.

    Songs by Donovan, The Beatles, Cold Play, Elton John and that one about an Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny ****** Polka Dot Bikini will be next for the chop.

  12. Goatboy says:

    A bit of grin and bear it
    A bit of come and share it
    Your welcome we can spare it
    And yellow socks

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