A day of ‘tremble and obey’

It was hard to keep up with yesterday’s series of horrors from creepy CCP provocateurs Zhang Xiaoming, CY Leung, Tian Feilong, Qiao Xiaoyang and Wen Wei Po/Ta Kung Pao. A convenient summary. Another came from the government trying to get Tam Tak-chi’s case transferred to one of the special NatSec-qualified judges, even though the charges against are not under the NatSec Law. 

Zhang said that officials were working on ‘oath optimisation’ and ‘qualification screening’ for civil servants, and reforms to national education and judicial reform. It sounds like serious loyalty tests are on the way for all public servants. His comments on disqualified lawmakers suggest higher barriers for candidates. Chances are, many of us have voted in our last LegCo election. And on the judiciary

“Even in Western countries, judicial systems have to catch up with the times and reform constantly,” Zhang said, adding that any changes would not affect judicial independence.

Since the CCP sees judges as civil servants working for the executive, it follows that ‘disloyal’ members of the judiciary will have to be weeded out in some way. 

Several of these outbursts took place at an on-line forum, so were presumably coordinated to instill shock and awe. It seems Beijing officials, after a few months studying the authorities’ pursuit of dissidents under the NatSec Regime, have concluded that persecuting individual teachers and lawmakers isn’t enough. There must be systematic exclusion of ‘unpatriotic’ elements from public life. As Zhang said, “People who love the country and Hong Kong will govern Hong Kong, and people who are anti-China and cause trouble in Hong Kong are out”. The CCP is not going back: Hong Kong is in for some thorough rectification.

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  1. Low Profile says:

    The introduction of loyalty oaths for civil servants will inevitably lead to a decline in the quality of public services, as those capable of original thought are gradually weeded out – though perhaps “flowered out” would be a more appropriate metaphor, as only the weeds will remain.

  2. Reactor #4 says:

    Told you so. But nah. You lot had to keep bollocking on about the Revolution of our Times, an Independent Hong Kong and Five Demands not One Less. WTF were you expecting? Some of you in your rebuttals to my comments proclaimed your intention to go down fighting like lions. Well I think it’s now time that you did some of that roaring you promised. Grrrrrrr.

  3. Revolution says:

    People who cause trouble in Hong Kong are out, says the man fired and demoted for causing trouble in Hong Kong.

  4. Mary Melville says:

    Note that Zhang Xiaoming is looking very bloated, and has a peculiar skin condition. Looks like he underwent some ‘rectification’ when he was demoted back to the capital.

  5. Toph says:

    The objective is to threaten 60% of the population with second class citizenship. Those with the wrong views shall not hold public office, work in the civil service, educate the youth, hold professional licenses, own businesses, or conduct financial transactions of note. Perhaps in 10 years they will be politically screening applicants for public housing. Shut up, or work in fast food for life.

  6. bagesty says:

    I’m not sure I buy the ‘shock and awe’ idea. Rather I think it’s entirely likely that our esteemed overlords believe what they are saying is entirely reasonable. THAT, frankly, is the problem.

  7. Chinese Netizen says:

    Toph: Guaranteeing a brain drain is not a biggie for the shoe polish haired gang as they have the vetted replacements already lined up to cross over at the word “go”. As for fast food and janitorial, they’ve got plenty of those too. HK public housing would be a great improvement over tofu estates built in rural Sichuan…

  8. Hong Kong Hibernian says:

    Conflating ‘love of country and Hong Kong’ with obedience to CCP policies, or conflating criticisms of those CCP policies with being ‘anti-China’ is such low-brow rubbish!

    Which is, after all, why critical thinking skills are not to be developed in HK’s youth!

    I’m still waiting for the Young Pioneers and Young Communist League of China to march through Victoria Park…

  9. Mark Bradley says:

    “conflating criticisms of those CCP policies with being ‘anti-China’ is such low-brow rubbish!”

    Everything about the CCP is low brow, low class, and unsophisticated. It’s absolutely infuriating. One hopes they will one day get a taste of their own medicine and get a karma sized kick in the teeth that will end them permanently.

  10. Toph says:

    @Chinese Netizen: They want to stop people from leaving, if their screeching about foreign countries offering citizenship or asylum to Hong Kongers is anything to go by. They don’t care do much about the brain drain but the diaspora is a political threat. They want Hong Kongers trapped and demoralized into compliance.

  11. Joe Blow says:

    Now that HK is ‘integrating’ with the Greater Bay Area, almost on a daily basis, what keeps our ‘freedom fighters’ from taking the ‘fight’ to China proper? Think of all the possibilities….

  12. Donkey says:

    I’m just adding that like all of you “lot” I am also ignoring Reactor #4.

  13. Chinese Netizen says:

    @Donkey: you ruined a good run by recognizing its existence. Next time do better 😉

  14. Red Dragon says:

    Arsehole #4

    Nobody “rebuts” your comments.

    Why would anyone in their right mind “rebut” the comments of a cunt?

    You’re getting ideas above your station, matey.

  15. Civil Serviles says:

    @Low Profile
    I’m not sure those capable of original thought have ever been considered for a job as a civil servant. Patrick Nip is currently in charge of appointments and recruitment policy.

    Secondly, lest we forget, the rock star “original thinkers” who made it to the very top of the service over the past 20 years have been Donald Tsang and Carrie Lam.

    Those two notable alumni’s stellar original thoughts have included such brilliance as: bowties make me look cool; the CCP are my friends so they won’t do me for corruption; I’ve done everything the CCP asked of me, I’m sure they’ll let me retire in the UK; 7-11 must sell toilet paper; an Octopus card photo op will make me look down-to-earth; saying “It is not a problem with Octopus cards, but a problem with the MTR” will be a great excuse; no-one will notice if we push an extradition treaty with China using Taiwan as a cover.

  16. Reactor #4 says:

    I love to keep my head shoved up my behind and lecture people even though I am a washed up nobody. I’m not even earning 50 cents per post; that’s how irrelevant I am.

  17. Reactor #4 says:

    @Red Dragon: “Nobody “rebuts” your comments.”

    Great. Super. Smashing. It’s amazing how people’s minds get a little sloppy after having consumed a tad too much sauce. Good night was it?

  18. Penny says:

    He can’t help himself, can he? He has to keep drivelling on, repeating himself endlessly. Useless jerk!

  19. Meeker says:

    [New — and late — here]
    Apart from the ad hominem against Reactor #4, what are the rebuttals? I don’t see any. Or to the following facts: (1) China has sovereignly over HK and (2) It will *never* allow independence.
    Expanded democracy is in the BL, but in what way were the actions last year going to promote that?
    HK has enjoyed wide freedoms. In what way were the actions last year going to protect them? ? Was not the current outcome — less freedom, more BJ repression — inevitable and forseeable?
    Could anyone here address these issues? Or prefer just to call me a “useless jerk” and a “cunt”? [Extends chin…]
    PS: no lover of CCP, and bona fide hater of XJP

  20. Penny says:

    Meeker – I guess it is because you are so new and so late to this forum that you have missed all the numerous rebuttals made weeks (months?) ago. Most of us have since stopped bothering to engage but that has not stopped the repetitive bleating and whining, unfortunately.
    Just trying to ignore it now. Suggest you do the same.

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