How to work outside the system

Teaching someone to make kimchi, so just a couple of things to start the week…

Kevin Carrico in Apple Daily: ‘there is no longer any use working inside Hong Kong’s system: people’s energies are best directed outside and indeed against the system’.

HKFP op-ed on how Hong Kong people can still take action against a state that abuses human rights. It links to this (English) and this (Chinese), which in turn link to a booklet in the respective languages in PDF format called Investigating Human Rights Violators: A primer on how to track down information on individuals and entities in China and Hong Kong, written with the help of local corporate due diligence professionals. Also, links to a how-to on getting Magnitsky sanctions on people. Interesting stuff. 

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  1. HKJC Irregular says:

    Ahh, I miss the daily youtube tune..

  2. Reader says:

    Thanks for the links to the Safeguard Defenders materials. Powerful medicine.

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