Do Carrie a favour and take your pangolin pills

At around the halfway point on Hong Kong’s journey from an open society to a banana-republic dictatorship, even the government has a hard time adjusting. As a puppet administration, it must impose oppressive policies; but the people are still free enough to speak out, and the local officials can’t shake off their old habit of making at least a pretence at listening and responding to them.

So there won’t be any public consultation on the plan to let Hongkongers over the border vote in Legislative Council elections. (It’s a CCP decision – of course there won’t be.) But independent media and pollsters still operate, and they confirm that popular opinion is against the obvious electoral gerrymandering. One day, the regime will simply silence such impertinent suggestions. But for the time being, the government must try and argue that the poll is wrong. And pretty pathetic it looks.

It’s almost as lame as health officials claiming that they can’t draw any conclusions from the fact that only 9% of recovering Covid patients accept ‘traditional Chinese’ (ie non-science-based) medicine, even when it’s shoved in their faces free of charge. The authorities can’t admit TCM is baloney, because the CCP regards its use as patriotic; but the public are free to point out how dumb it is for the government to pay for voodoo treatments, and the officials struggle for a coherent response. For now.

As we speak, 19-year-old Tony Cheung is due to appear in court, after being arrested (or re-arrested) on suspicion of sedition along with Yanni Ho, aged all of 17. The CCP are so afraid of 17-year-old Hongkongers they must threaten them with life imprisonment. 

They must also order your friendly local National Security Police to launch a snitch-on-anyone hot-line. The SCMP’s anonymous government source assumes that the city is full of loyal law-and-order freaks itching to inform on evil dissidents in our midst. Not sure how easy it will be to leave information anonymously. Obviously, such a system is ripe for abuse by malicious accusers – but it works both ways. The potential for ‘well-intentioned’ creative, theatrical, karma-serving or other tip-offs to the Stasi could be considerable.

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  1. where's my jet plane says:

    And the removal of possible contrary voices from HKU faculty search committees,

  2. where's my jet plane says:

    Not sure how easy it will be to leave information anonymously.

    An obfuscated VPN might be an essential tool

  3. Chris says:

    Have the details been released about how many ballots each “Hong Kong resident” living on the mainland is allowed to cast? I assume it will conform to local China standards where each voter is allowed to cast ten votes for President Xi?

  4. Chinese Netizen says:

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if say about a couple thousand people, all on the same day, report on unpatriotic, seditious activities of a certain Junius Ho or Regina Ip? That would be fun and newsworthy…

  5. Mjrelje says:

    Great idea CN. How about 11 11 (double fingers up). Oh and also for that Liz Qunt for forgery of her Dr qualification and lieing to the HK public?

  6. Chris Maden says:

    @Chinese Netizen – let’s choose a day!

  7. Mjrelje says:

    This blog has to have well over a couple of thousand readers… it deserves tens of thousands as it’s always spot on. Which way is this gone about? A set email to NSL secretariat all saying the same thing, or individual observations of Anius’ call to “kill HK citizens without mercy”? 11 11 would also acknowledge the half a billion single males on left with no chance of a partner due to the OCP and infanticide of girls for 20 years. Bit like Ho but that’s more because he is a vile arse licker. I hope all my facts are correct.

  8. Reactor #4 says:

    Well you lot have only got yourselves to blame. What with all that “Revolution of our Times” and “Five Demands not one Less”, it’s not in the least bit surprising that the CCP has decided to sort HK out. To a person, I hope you lot don’t play chess for a living. You’d get your botties whupped each and every time!

  9. Des Espoir says:

    Unfortunately, the concept of anonymity for the complainant is ”one-way only”… if you report a misdemeanour in the NT (”all complaints treated in strict confidence”) and your tyres will be slashed the following morning…. ”they know, y’know

  10. Mark Bradley says:

    “This blog has to have well over a couple of thousand readers… it deserves tens of thousands as it’s always spot on.”

    Couldn’t agree more.

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