HK govt ‘does something right’ shock

In an uncharacteristic fit of common sense and/or responsiveness to public opinion, our leaders have announced the reopening of kids’ playgrounds in a few weeks. 

But wait!!! There’s more!!! The Hong Kong Heritage Museum is to keep its Bruce Lee exhibit for another six years. That’s ample time for a second visit. Well worth it.

These two decisions are the first – admittedly minuscule – signs of official competence Hong Kong has seen so far in 2020. The amazement inspires me to make a prediction. If they retitle the museum exhibition ‘Be Water’ you’ll know there’s been a major shift in the local power structure and we can expect more. Otherwise, that’s all the excellence in governance you can expect for at least another year or so.

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16 Responses to HK govt ‘does something right’ shock

  1. Emmanuel says:

    Why should beaches remain close? I don’t get the logic. Any theory?

  2. Andrew says:


    There is no logic – Calamity Lickspittle doesn’t want people to go out and have fun. She wants us subservient and miserable. There is no money to be made from people going to the beach either.

  3. Old Mind Doctor says:

    Shek-O main beach has substantial barriers all down the promenade. Maybe it’s to protect against a second wave?

  4. pd says:

    Emmanuel, Because they’re free?

  5. Denied for one says:

    C’mon Hemlock, that’s only one mildly sensible thing — the Bruce Lee exhibition renewal is just the standard default HKSARG bureaucrat move of “Same procedure as last year, Ms. Sophie? Same procedure as every year, James*” when Beijing hasn’t done something totally different without telling them.

    *See link

  6. Ho Ma Fan says:

    @Old Mind Doctor – second wave protection, ha, very good!

  7. where's my jet plane says:

    Emmanuel, and because the fresh air and sunlight are good for people and make them less likely to inflate the virus figures by staying healthy. Got to keep the fear level up.

  8. Revolution says:

    I went to the Heritage Museum to see the Monet exhibition about 4 years ago, and finding the Bruce Lee exhibition there as well was a pleasant surprise. Highly recommended.

    Keeping the beaches closed when everything else is open is insane. One assumes there would be some big internal loss of face if they open them now. Mind you, it’s less insane than opening all the football pitches and not letting people use them for 11 a side, but I suppose we have to keep the anti demonstrator crowd control, sorry, social distancing measures.

  9. Denied for one says:

    @ Revolution

    Keeping the beaches closed reminds everyone there’s a virus with little to no loss of revenue to anyone who matters. In short it’s perfect cheapo cover for those awkward ‘hey! Now that everything is open, when can we vote?’ moments: “Well… firstly, not everything is open yet…”

  10. Penny says:

    HK government logic – no problem taking out eight books using just my library card today but, when I then asked to cancel a reservation, I was asked for my ID card to prove that I was the genuine card holder.

  11. D Day says:


    Why should beaches remain close? I don’t get the logic. Any theory?

    Landing craft? Musn’t flatten any DAB voters, must we…

  12. Mary Melville says:

    “The forerunner of the Defend Free Speech campaign was called “Reform Section 5”. This speech by Rowan Atkinson at the launch event in Parliament in 2012 should be heard by every politician, journalist and campaigner before they start calling for laws to silence those they regard as ‘extremists’.
    And certainly should have been played in court today during Tam Tak-chi’s (Fast Beat) bail hearing. In addition very single person who came to court to show support got questioned by the cops

  13. Mark Bradley says:

    It’s insane to me that the two tiers of judges have been denying bail to Tam Tak-chi when they granted bail to people who were accused of murder before (Nancy Kissel). I’m pretty disgusted at how weak willed and cowardly the judiciary is being. Nobody should be locked up without bail over fucking speech let alone charged with a crime.

    Personally I have totally lost faith in the judiciary and other HK institutions. They’re all made of paper and can’t stand up to the CCP. Totally worthless.

  14. Casira says:

    @Mark Bradley: There needs to be western sanctions on judiciary, then they’ll have to make a choice. Right now the risk reward is one way.

  15. Gromit says:

    @ Mary Melville, thanks for posting the link. Two years old but still highly relevant for many parts of the world.

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