Carrie takes demented mouth-frothing intolerance too far

Carrie Lam gets miffed to the max about qualified scientists disputing a need for her community-wide virus screening plan…

…so-called experts, doctors or members of the public kept finding excuses to stop citizens from participating in the test … They are smearing the central [Beijing] government and it’s an effort to sever Hong Kong’s relations with the central government.

She gets equally stroppy about lawyers complaining about the Department of Justice’s barring of Ted Hui’s private prosecutions, accusing them of ‘casting doubt and disrespect on Hong Kong’s judiciary system’. (And Hui gets arrested, in case he didn’t get the point.)

There is something quite creepy about this hyper-aggressive intolerance in someone who used to be a just an average arrogant and haughty civil servant who would wave criticism aside without a word. She has become furious and insulted that others have different opinions – almost beside herself with incomprehension that she still cannot snap her fingers and a squad of henchmen will drag any dissenter out onto the street and behead them.

Yes, we know the CCP are in charge and she is a mere puppet. But it’s like something went wrong with her conditioning and she is doing it too robotically. Petrified by something Beijing has on her file? Botched lobotomy? 

The aim of all this is of course to silence ‘so-called experts’ who could embarrass hapless officials but now fear being hounded out of their jobs or indeed Hong Kong for criticizing a government policy. Here’s a quick intro to the subject

Even when sitting on the binge-watching couch, we get the message to fight despotism. Evidence that neo-Nazis in all shapes are even more desperately uncool than we ever imagined comes from none other than The Saint (it’s all in the first minute).

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22 Responses to Carrie takes demented mouth-frothing intolerance too far

  1. Chinese Netizen says:

    Ha!! Just watched that “Saint” episode a couple weeks ago and am watching the entire series on Amazon Prime. Kind of cheesy acting, horribly fake stunts (fighting scenes) but also quite endearing with decent stories. In other words: Entertaining.
    (also made me discover and have a crush on previously unknown to me actresses like Barbara Murray!)

    Curry’s just trying to outfroth her peers in order to get a few head pats, is all. That and I’m sure the See See Pee can make life hell for the hubby and sons on the mainland at the drop of a shoe, ending their fantastically successful ventures…

  2. Kwun Tong Bypass says:

    She just convinced me NOT to do the test!
    Referring to yesterday’s blog and your mentioning ‘using your free SCMP quota wisely’: If you have a VPN you can just change the server through which you connect, and you have a new free quota!

  3. Mark Bradley says:

    You don’t need to use your free SCMP quote wisely. You don’t even need a vpn. I have been reading SCMP articles using private tabs after my free articles ran out. As always they are incompetent toolbags and I bet their subscription drive is bombing.

  4. where's my jet plane says:

    Certainly got to give her full marks for tuning in to Party rhetoric so well. Smear, smear…

    Quite why she thinks criticising Theresa disrespects the judiciary I don’t understand. Perhaps she has forgotten her Basic Law on the separation of powers – The DoJ is part of the executive, the judiciary is not.

    @KTB even without a VPN, clearing site cookies (at least in Firefox) has the same effect.

  5. where's my jet plane says:

    On the testing saga, where have 5,000 healthcare “volunteers” sprung from? I thought HK was short of such people, so either health care facilities are going to be reduced or (whisper it softly) the volunteers are coming from elsewhere.

  6. reductio says:

    The Saint: 43:44 is also apposite given recent comments on this august organ.

  7. Toph says:

    Remember when you thought Beijing appointed Carrie because she’d be less abrasive than C.Y.? HAH!

  8. Knownot says:

    From HKFP:
    ” Lam said she could not figure why some experts air criticism and described them as politically motivated.”

    Many. or most, people think that her delay of the Legco election is politically motivated. Again, they think that the restrictions on social gatherings, ostensibly because of the coronavirus, are politically motivated.

    This is another part of the psychological puzzle of Carrie Lam. It is as if she is compelled to make a claim that can most easily be turned against herself, compelled to put forward an argument where she is most vulnerable.

  9. Stanley Lieber says:

    Mrs. Lam has unified the previously antagonistic yellow and blue factions into a single mass of simmering hatred and contempt towards the government.

  10. Old Mind Doctor says:

    Carrie is desperately in need of psychoanalytical advice. In the first consultation a question might reasonably come up – from this so-called expert – ‘how are you sleeping at night?’

    Such a mild symptomatic prompt, I guess, would be answered with defensive vitriol. Mrs Lam is unwell. This is not intended as ‘an attack on the government’, more human, Christian concern.

    I would suggest the Magnitsky sanctions placed on her – if that’s what they are – have hit her in the fundamentals. Yet I fully support Carrie, on the tried-and-tested theory the successor is inevitably worse.

  11. Vic Hislop, shark hunter & Man of Mystery says:

    Carrie is the last CEO, as we know them. When she is gone, China will appoint a Reichskommissar from up north (think Dr. Arthur Seys-Innquart, originally from Austria, hung at Nuremberg) who will lay the groundwork for reunification with the Motherland. Integration will be seamless and a source of endless joy for 1.4 billion compatriots. Finally, us Honkies will be ‘real’ Chinese subjects. ‘Gratuliert! Jetzt sind Sie richtigen Reichschinesen.’

  12. where's my jet plane says:

    @ Vic Hislop
    I think der Reichskommissar is already here, in Sai Ying Pun, getting a feel for the place.

  13. Red Dragon says:

    Vic Hislop.

    Arthur Seyss-Inquart was hanged at Nuremberg, and not “hung”.

    He was many things, but certainly not a pheasant.

  14. Gromit says:

    @ Old Mind Doctor: Lamb’s lashing out at any questioning of the government’s schemes would certainly seem to indicate a troubled mind: yes, being a Head Girl type of person, the sanctions probably hit her ego hard. Her reaction at the time – such as drawing attention to the carelessness of how the sanctions were imposed (a bureaucrat’s stinging riposte!) – was a thin veneer of an obviously-forced nonchalance barely covering a whole range of emotions ranging from hurt to anger.

    And perhaps she is worried about how it would look to her masters if there is a low take up on her offer of free testing, which her abrasive comments only make more likely.

  15. Sam Clemens says:

    When will the government admit that it’s a nighttime curfew, plain & simple?

  16. Mark Bradley says:

    “ Yet I fully support Carrie, on the tried-and-tested theory the successor is inevitably worse.”

    Except Donald “Bow Tie” Tsang who was definitely an improvement over that brain dead sack of shit Tung. But Tsang was never supposed to be CE.

  17. Ho Ma Fan says:

    Something that I would like to know is what happened to the imminent terrorist bombing plot thing? Are we truly to believe that social distancing measures make sitting somewhere assembling bombs more difficult? Were all available stocks consumed in Lebanon? Has the NIL been that effective immediately? Quite remarkable.

  18. Mary Melville says:

    Perhaps Mrs Lam is under ‘pressure’. Young Joshua was reported to have returned to HK around 9 Aug. So with 14 days quarantine he should by now be stepping out for a breath of fresh air, knocking a few balls over the net at Govt House perhaps? But no reports of any sightings. Time some intrepid reporter brought this up at presser.

  19. Casira says:

    @Ho Ma Fan: The popo has no time on their hands to stage fake plots now that they have to raid a different pan-dem outlet every other day.

  20. Pope Innocent says:

    “The chairman of the Association of Medical Laboratories, Alex Li, […] said that the 3,700 false positives was just a fraction of the 60,000 to 70,000 Covid-19 tests that Sweden carried out.”

    So if everyone is tested in Hong Kong that should only be about 400,000 false positives?

  21. where's my jet plane says:

    @ Pope Innocent
    Not quite that bad but still, in my view, unacceptable. The Swedish rate is approximately 5,000/100,ooo tests or 50,000/1 million. Given that the administration is aiming for 3 million tests in a maximum of 14 days, 150,000 false positives is, sure as shit, going to overwhelm the “temporary hospital” facilities and unnecessarily expose an awful lot of people to the risk of catching the disease.
    I can’t find how many Swedish BGI tests produced real positives, but considering that the country had just fewer than 90,000 confirmed cases, my guess is not many and so the false/real rate is pretty horrendous.

  22. Pope Innocent says:

    ” […] and so the false/real rate is pretty horrendous.”

    One wonders if it might, in fact, be mostly random …

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