Well, at least they take an interest in local affairs

I don’t nose around Reddit much, but here’s something for aficionados of Hong Kong gwailos who are staunchly pro-blue ribbon/CCP. A guy called ‘Dan’, originally from Melbourne, who goes around painting over Lennon walls. Best jump straight to the vid on YouTube.

What’s with these people? In my experience (a sample of two), they often have China business/career/family exposure. Personality-wise, they tend to have a sincere sense of right and wrong, and relish being outspoken for an unpopular but noble cause, but they are also total suckers for things like fake Facebook junk and urban legends – an unfortunate combination.

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9 Responses to Well, at least they take an interest in local affairs

  1. Knownot says:

    Friday 31st July 2020
    Swindons bookshop, Tsim Sha Tsui, closes down.

    The days were sunny and the air was dry
    But it has been a bad July.
    On the last day, looking back on it:
    We were hit, and hit, and hit.
    So it is fitting that this final day
    Is different – cloudy, wet, and grey.

    And fitting also, true and sad and right
    A bookshop, large, with natural light
    Where, once upon a time, I used to spend
    Time and money, comes to an end.
    Though now, reluctantly, I must declare
    It’s years since I bought anything there;
    Am I to blame? Here am I not knowing:
    If I’d bought more, would it still be going?

  2. Reactor #4 says:

    Well done Dan from Melbourne – splendid chap. Perhaps one day your actions will be recognized and you’ll be awarded one of those Bauhinia medals. Together, all of us “blue ribbons” will win through, be it with our arguments, or tins of gray paint.

  3. Steve Mc Garret says:

    They’re probably going to use the year’s delay to bring loyal voters into Hong Kong so they can sway the vote,

  4. max noodle says:

    @ Knownot

    It’s not your fault my sad old fellow.
    They should have had more books not yellow(ed).

    I went last month to seek a book
    But the staff there did not give a monkeys.

  5. Chinese Netizen says:

    Kind of wish Bo Xilai won out on the struggle for China’s future direction. He may have been dirty (No worse than the rest of the lot) but he was pragmatic and not a nutso wanna be Mao.

  6. Carrot #4 says:

    Looks like Christine Loh is making a serious pitch to be the next C.E.


    Her political metamorphosis is quite remarkable. I do, though, wonder if she is only partway through her journey. Could it be that her final years will see her spending her afternoons handing out little red books at the junction between Pedder Street and Queen’s Road Central?

  7. Mary Melville says:

    This was reported in SCMP in an “Its not political Stoopid” report : In a statement issued on Saturday night, Lam said she had discussed the epidemic with one of the government’s expert medical advisers but not the decision to postpone the elections.
    It is understood that Lam met with a group of four advisers on Saturday afternoon and told them it would be unnecessary for them to make public comments about the election delay, as she did not want them dragged into ………………….. political disputes.
    This advice probably came with subtle references to government funding for universities, research, career paths.

  8. Big Al says:

    Carrot #4
    I think Christine LOH is devolving into a simpler life form and will probably end up looking like Elsie LEUNG. Just photoshop a pair of big dorky glasses onto any picture of Elsie and you’ll see the eventual outcome …

  9. Big Al says:

    @Mary Melville (re your post yesterday)
    I think that you are being intentionally obtuse about the enlightened TAC and our wonderful, highly skilled and totally-not-psychopathic planning dept. People keep their cars in a car PARK. Yes, a park! So that counts as open space, like Victoria Park! Hence, we probably have more open space than we deserve and so the planning dept. can thereby justify approving more roads, buildings, etc.

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