Prepare Your Pro-National Security Law Statement Now

Two Mainlandizations du jour. One: the police ban the June 4 vigil for the first (but presumably not last) time, using the coronavirus as a pretext. As expected. Two: the United Front is pressuring people into publicly backing Beijing’s national security law, even though no-one knows what will be in it.

Five university heads issue a slightly unenthusiastic-sounding statement saying they ‘understand the need’ for such legislation, and ‘the prosperity and stability of the country and Hong Kong are closely related to the future of young people’ (huh?), rounded off with backing for free speech and academic freedom. Two other universities’ heads give more neutral-sounding statements apparently when prompted by the SCMP; this will be noted. HK University of Science and Technology has some explaining to do.

At the same time, the chairmen of eight university councils produce their own rather more fulsome endorsement about how we have a ‘reciprocal obligation to protect the state’. These figureheads are government-appointed establishment shoe-shiners. In case you hadn’t guessed.

Also, 2,000 artists [sic] like Jackie Chan, whose trashy movies and songs make big bucks on the Mainland, sign their own groveling and oozy declaration of support for the CCP’s coming clampdown. Except some say they didn’t sign it. (Do I get the impression these objectors might be the ones with actual talent?)

Of course, companies are also under pressure to make a public kowtow to the almighty Panda. The tax-return can wait; if you run a serious-size business and want to keep the heat off, here – at no extra charge – is an acceptable holding statement:

‘We understand/accept the need for national security laws [as with the university vice-chancellors – essentially means you realize the CCP are paranoid power-crazed thugs], and we hope that with implementation of these laws, Hong Kong will return to stability/prosperity/normality’.

As a line-to-take, this should hold CY Leung and the Liaison Office Thought Police at bay for a few weeks while they hunt down juicier meat. But they will be back, and they will expect the full works at some point.

On the subject of lines-to-take, the Census and Statistics Dept needs rectification for getting their latest efforts wrong. The ‘line’ attached to their memo on provisional retail figures for April completely fails to blame such horrors as the 63% Y-o-Y drop in watch sales on evil foreign-backed separatist radical rioter scum, as required…

Haven’t had enough SCMP op-eds saying pan-dems and all of us brought the national security law on ourselves? Here you go!

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8 Responses to Prepare Your Pro-National Security Law Statement Now

  1. YTSL says:

    No comments on the Paul Chan crying incident?

    Would love to get your take on it, Hemlock!

  2. Reactor #4 says:

    The recent Covid-19 cases in the Sha Tin area are, I believe, fake – the numbers have been concocted to suppress any events commemorating June 4. The reason for reaching such a viewpoint is that if I were in charge this is something I would do.

  3. A Poor Man says:

    Curry Lamb says that people are living in fear. Perhaps she is talking about herself.

    The Hong Kong municipal goverment can claim victory when it removes the layers of fencing surrounding it’s headquarters, when the armed guards are no longer encircling Goverment House 24 hours a day, when it removes the newly built cages on the pedestrian bridges, when it puts rubbish and recycling bins back on the street.

    The Po Po can claim victory when they remove the water-filled barriers in front of their stations, when they remove the sniper positions on their stations, when they stop dressing like ISIS fighters and show their identities.

    The MTR can claim victory when it removes all of the steel panels and reinstalls glass windows, when it fixes all of the “broken” equipment.

    Until then, the people are winning.

  4. asiaseen says:

    From RTHK: “A pro-Beijing alliance says it has collected over 2.92 million signatures in the past week or so in support of Beijing’s move to bring in a national security law for Hong Kong.”
    Sadly they don’t disclose how many times Mr Eleven, Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse have signed.

  5. Casira says:

    “ExCo To Freeze Pay for Civil Servants This Yr: Sources”

    Looks like they’re trying to do anything in their power to lose the elections.

  6. Penny says:

    The troll is trying to provoke – best ignore.

  7. Penny says:

    @Poor Man
    The Po Po seem to be working on something big at their station at the HK end of the Apleichau bridge – large crane inside the compound and work on sniper tower going on from the bridge itself.

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