Carrie’s booze-ban backtrack

Not for the first time, Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam abandons a dumb idea after everyone points out it’s stupid. But instead of waiting months while everything blows out of control, she has made her U-turn within days.

The ‘rethink’ is over the matter of whether banning bars and restaurants from selling alcohol would help counter the spread of the Wuhan Virus.

To Carrie and her advisors, there was some sort of compelling and intuitive logic to the idea – but it was hard for them to spell it out as it concerned icky people doing the sort of icky things that they apparently do. Skeptics doubted that preventing the icky things was practicable or very effective, or if there was even any connection. It could have been very confusing, but fortunately vested interests who would have lost money waded into the argument, and an instant climbdown ensues.

I declare the weekend open with some virus-laden links to browse through over a pint at your local pub…

Human Rights Watch blasts Cheng Lai-king’s arrest for ‘seditious intent’: “Arresting a pro-democracy politician for seeking police accountability is political persecution, not legitimate policing,” The Atlantic sees a gloomy future for rule of law and independent courts in Hong Kong.

On the other hand, the US magazine is wowed by Hong Kong’s response to the Xi virus. Singapore’s education minister explains why there’s no need to shut schools.

Reuters describes the virus’s impact on China’s economy as ‘eye-popping’. And Foreign Policy explains why Xi Jinping is desperate to get the economy back on its feet.

A quick article from the Finnish Institute of International Affairs on how the CCP’s insecurity is feeding into China’s foreign and domestic policy.

Many calm and thoughtful people tell us that, with a deadly pandemic sweeping the world, this is not the time for finger-pointing. But common sense surely says it’s never too early to lay blame where it’s due and makes the bastards responsible squirm. The Hill gives both Beijing and the WHO a swift but well-aimed kicking. And War on the Rocks ponders how we could sue China for trillions for unleashing the virus on the world.  

China Media Project delves into officials’ warnings to Wuhan hospital staff to ‘speak politics’ as a way of silencing them in the early days of the outbreak. In HKFP, Reporters Without Borders look at how China’s censorship contributed to the pandemic. ProPublica on how China uses Twitter to push propaganda on Hong Kong and the coronavirus. Republican senators are calling for a US counter-offensive against Chinese disinformation.

And there’s more! National Review wags (rather than points) its finger at China’s mask-hoarding habits. And here’s an interesting thread on how a United Front creepo in the Czech Republic seems to have been profiteering from face masks and other medical equipment, and diverting supplies intended to be humanitarian aid and other classic murky sordid patriotic businessman overseas stuff.

On a lighter note – from HKFP, play a game of ‘Spot the Illegal Structures’ with some soothing aerial views of Hong Kong.

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12 Responses to Carrie’s booze-ban backtrack

  1. asiaseen says:

    Really informative captions on the HKFP rooftop gallery. Only 2 locations identified, Tai O and Cheung Chau.

  2. I just clicked on a Facebook link to an article informing me that Bill Gates unleashed the virus on the world as a means of population control. Not Chinese propaganda, but the wild fantasies of some American religious nutcases. Fascinatingly deluded finger-pointing.

  3. PaperCuts says:

    It’s almost as dumb as Australian Government officials trying to ban interstate highway travel by blockading roads between state borders with Stormtroopers. Or with the latest from Australia that ranks as breaking news….luxury food sellers…”the crab industry” may suffer because of CORONAVIRUS911. Won’t somebody please think of the crab industry?? Crab is a staple along with ivory back-scratchers, homes with 5 bathrooms, gold plated dune buggies and jet skis. Or almost as dumb as the Tasmanian Government banning gatherings of 10 or more whether in public or private. 9 people and you’re good…10 and you’re off to the pokey you criminal.

    The point being…Curry Lamb now fits in perfectly in this current day and age of…….pure unadulterated batshit crazy no holds barred King Kong, jumbo sized kookery.

  4. Knownot says:

    Distance Loving

    Hush! My yearning, trembling heart.
    She and I six feet apart.

    At a distance clear and chaste
    My restless hands discreetly placed.

    This twenty-first century courtly love –
    So high the prize, so far above!

    Your humble suitor, dare I ask?
    Permit me to take off your –
    blouse –
    skirt –

  5. @asiaseen – picture 11 is Pearl Island off the Castle Peak Road. No idea about the others.

  6. Din Dan Che says:

    Perhaps the drone snapper decided to withhold the locations lest he’s contravening laws on such flying objects.
    He too may fear the midnight knock.

  7. Reactor #4 says:

    Related to Lady Carrie’s new emergency laws, I can’t wait for the griping to commence. They are great. Moreover, in a couple of weeks the Louties and their supporters will be sufficiently softened up such that she’ll be able to inact Article 23.

    On a more personal level, I’m boning up on the SAR’s “Citizens Arrest” procedures. Apparently, there’s a Guinness Book of World Records category – I’ll be going for it. I just need to get a couple more of bags of 18″ cable-ties.

  8. asiaseen says:

    @ Private Beach
    Thanks for the confirmation, I’d guessed that one.

  9. dimuendo says:

    Pathetic #4. The word is “enact”, not “inact”. You should have paid more attention at school, then your posts might be more informed.

  10. HKJC Regular says:

    @Rectum bore
    use it on those rogue plainclothes cops and Junius Ho’s thugs if you feel so fierce. Did you make that vow after a few in the Duke?

  11. Chinese Netizen says:

    @dimuendo: No, he meant it. It’s what his “girlfriend” always says to him…”Honey, why you no can put it in? It is inact again?”

  12. odaiwai says:

    9 is Beaulieu Peninsula, Gold Coast (
    13 is Lai Tak Tsuen (Cloud View Road)
    15 is Montane Mansion, Quarry Bay

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