A quick detour to Taiwan

Taiwan’s election is on Saturday. Much international commentary focuses on the effect of Hong Kong’s gradual subjugation by Beijing in bolstering Tsai Ing Wen’s chances. The CCP have no doubt given Evil Cat-Loving Spinster Lady a boost by offering cherished compatriots irresistible slow death by ‘One Country Two Systems’. But people better acquainted with the country caution that Hong Kong is just one angle (Taiwanese worry about jobs, pensions and housing too), and mainly resonant among the young.

Conversely, we could wonder what impact the Taiwan election will have on Hong Kong – or, for that matter, on Beijing’s clueless Hong Kong ‘strategy’. (Will we see Hong Kong independence fighters modifying their stance and calling for union with Taiwan? How would Beijing officials get their heads around that?)

I rarely pass on cat videos – but here’s one aimed at getting Taiwan voters out.

On an altogether different level of cleverness is this election ad by Tsai’s campaign, contrasting Taiwan with Hong Kong. It might even go over some Taiwanese viewers’ heads, but people here will get it. The actual Hong Kong/Mainland clips are brief. The rest features scenes that, let’s say, look jarringly familiar (even an allusion to water cannon) to anyone who has been in Hong Kong in the last six months, but of course are in Taiwan, and peaceful…

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  1. Boris Badanov says:

    Glory to Taiwan

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