In a rush today, but…

In its communique following the recent Plenum, the CCP said it would (among other things) strengthen and enhance Hong Kong’s legal system and enforcement to protect ‘national security’. In the meantime, Beijing and its local proxies must make do…

A good thread on the legal technicalities of the two interim injunctions the courts have rather generously granted the government (banning doxing of cops and promotion of violence online). Bottom line (to the non-legal mind): the injunctions are flawed and perhaps worthless.

An interesting summary of a recent talk at HKU on freedom of assembly and policing of protest. When you’re in riot gear, an expert says, everything looks like a riot.

And an update on the number of protest-related arrests – estimated at some 3,400. I recall that two or three months ago, the cops advised officials that once they arrested around this number, the protests would end and everything would be tickety-boo. I think the phrase was ‘a hardcore of 2-3,000’, so of course maybe they’ve caught the wrong ones.

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  1. warden says:

    They can always let the ones they have arrested go free, and try again.

  2. Stephen says:

    We are in the twilight of legal technicalities and perhaps the imminent (early?) retirement of the Chief Justice Godfrey Ma is an omen. Beijing will interpret laws anyway it likes and faithful lap dogs like Teresa and Ronnie will frame it so legal niceties and sensibilities are not unduly disturbed.

    Only when it starts hitting the pocketbooks and inconveniencing Xi, his cronies and the Chinese economy are we going to have any chance of straying from the current path. This path leads straight to one country.

  3. dimuendo says:

    See SCMP report 4th Nov of 11 vans and over 100 police turning up at Easter Mags because someone was discharged on a technicality.

  4. PaperCuts says:

    Hong Kong Government Realty Inc.

    All we want is docile rent payers. This slave revolt must cease at once. And if it doesn’t…well…you think the place is crawling with mainlanders now…you aint seen nothing yet. – Carrie Lam

  5. Justsayin says:

    The arrests will continue until morale improves

  6. Joe Blow says:

    The HKUST student has been declared brain dead. This is the first officially recorded murder victim of Bloody Carrie’s PTU triad gang.

  7. Reactor #4 says:

    I might have some sympathy for the protesters if there weren’t so many loons in their midst. They seem to have little clue what they are banging on about. When they get into a verbal confrontation they just spout aloud, and are thus all over the place. Moreover, much of it is done with a grating entitled tone (which probably results from years of practice barking-out demands at their family helpers). The five-hour interrogation that was last night performed on the President of the HKUST is a perfect example. How many times can you keep asking a stupid set of questions before realizing you are not going to get the answer you have prepared in your mental script? What a way to set your cause back?

    As a consequence, many HKers, as well as those outside the SAR, are turned off by the “Revolution of our Times”. Who with half a brain cell wants to line up figuratively with a load of shouty-louty incoherents whose volume setting is perpetually turned to 11? Not me. And not many others.

  8. babycart_of_sherdog says:

    @Joe Blow:

    Authorities have stated that he’s not brain dead yet, but still in critical condition. Problem is, is that credible? Seems like they’re doing their best to keep him “alive” so that he won’t become a martyr for freedom (becoming a rallying point for protests).

  9. Mark Bradley says:

    @reacter you are a delusional toolbag. The vast majority in HK and outside of HK support the protesters, but you have your head shoved so far into your ass that you have things reversed.

  10. Stanley Lieber says:

    Uh oh. I’m almost agreeing with Reactor #4 on something. Almost.

    Media is the key battleground now. That’s where the conflict will be won or lost.

    Keep the videos playing.

    Violence is a dead loser for whichever side that initiates it.

    MTR vandalism is harming the protesters’ cause. Can’t they see that?

    “Shouty-louty” is a keeper.

  11. Guest says:

    Didn’t we also hear that once school starts, the protests would die down because the students would be too busy with their studies? Look how that turned out.

  12. Gooddog says:

    Reactor #4 – so your solution is?

    It’s great to snark on the sidelines while others fight and sacrifice to try and maintain your freedoms and the freedoms of your city.

  13. PaperCuts says:

    @ Reactor #4

    Dear Hong Kongers,

    Just lay back in your grave and let the dirt shower over you. It’ll all be over soon.


  14. Chinese Netizen says:

    And don’t forget…those that are so quickly willing to be co-opted into selling out the freedoms of their neighbors and cheering on the oppressors in the name of patriotism are the same slime that have passports from other nations tucked away in the bottom of the sock drawer.

  15. “I think the phrase was ‘a hardcore of 2-3,000’, so of course maybe they’ve caught the wrong ones.” No joke – we’ve all seen them arresting random people for simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time, or answering back, or filming the cops, or wearing the wrong colour, or trying to help the injured. Probably at least half those arrested are not in the so-called hardcore at all.

  16. Reactor #4 says:

    @Gooddog: “Reactor #4 – so your solution is?”

    It certainly doesn’t involve sticking a steel blade into the chest cavity of HK lawmaker I might take umbrage with.

  17. PaperCuts says:

    Julius sure did make that deranged Pro Dem character look like a raving crazy, stabby nut with his bravery, strength and agility.

    All hail Julius Ho!

    This post proudly brought to you by:
    Julius Ho Political Stunts & Co. Pty. Ltd.

  18. Dubious Show says:

    Last election time he just set fire to a couple of cement mixers. Dubious has certainly upped his amateur dramatics game.

    He’d best pay the triads the full amount owed this time, or it’ll be more than his parents’ graves that get vandalised. As the great Poet/Philospher Fly Guy sagely points out: “My Ho better have my money: not half, not some, but all my cash”

  19. babycart_of_sherdog says:

    That Ho sure had nice reactions, immediately squatting down the moment the knife hand touched the attacker’s chest and cocked to strike. In fact, if he reacted by squatting a bit lower, the knife should go in his throat. An “own goal” so to speak.

  20. Chinese Netizen says:

    Personally I think Junious Whore was in on it, was ordered by the CCP to “take one for the team” (pre planned not to be fatal, of course), and now we have HKCCPSAR government (aka “Liaison Office”) and Beijing demanding greater and more Draconian crackdowns on protesters, students, grannies, cardboard gatherers, etc etc.

    See? Isn’t this a great narrative in line with “all of HK’s woes can be attributed to meddling foreign interlopers”?

  21. My immediate reaction to the attack on Ho was “It couldn’t happen to a nastier person”. Unworthy of me, I know, but which LegCo member has done more to make himself generally detested? And as for the way the rest of the pro-dictatorship crowd gathered round and deplored violence against election candidates, funny how I don’t remember them expressing the same shocked abhorrence when several pro-democracy candidates were attacked earlier.

  22. Cassowary says:

    The Liberal Party is practically in open rebellion as it’s now attempting to set up a Legco inquiry into the protests. They’re trying to get the pan-dems to sign on. I’m assuming it’s a feint because they’ve only got four seats in Legco; even with every democrat on board it’s not going anywhere unless they get some more of the establishment camp to jump.

  23. Reactor #4 says:

    Those who are alluding to the possibility that Ho “took one for the team”. I think not.

    1) I would not fancy a trained surgeon to rapidly plunge a knife into my chest and not possibly kill me. Why would you let an untrained person have a go on the basis that it would make you look like a victim and thus garner you some votes? Utter madness.

    2) The person who did the attack will spend a lot of time, possibly their entire life, in jail – the attack was clearly premeditated (the weapon was carefully concealed in a handy bag) AND the blade was aimed at a part of Ho’s body that could have resulted in death. He’ll be hard pressed not to escape with attempted murder. With this in mind, no matter how much you might want to support Ho, no one could like him that much that they would willing ruin the rest of their life to do it.

  24. donkeynuts says:

    I think here we are back full circle to the prediction I made three or two months ago:

    1. China would let this get to a fever pitch, keeping it just on the boil.
    2. They would instruct Lam to put down this insurrection and use whatever force was necessary, knowing that they would back her.
    3. Knowing that the PLA marching down Queen’s Road would probably not be the best look, they would then push for the national security laws to be put in place.
    4. Of course this wouldn’t work after any district elections, where the sway of power would move over to the side of the anti-government libs
    5. Best to do it through the smoke screen (pardon my tear smoke pun) of enacting emergency laws and then slipping them in under the cover of night.
    6. Assessing the security situation pre-elections, she enacts a national security law using her emergency powers, and Hong Kong is done.

    That’s it, boys. Time to find another former colony to piss in.

  25. caractacus says:

    The protests will definitely stop when the police have arrested 4 million Hong Kongers and out them in prison.

  26. babycart_of_sherdog says:


    1. Unless one knows how, it’s hard to penetrate the ribcage enough to cause a pneumothorax/hemothorax, much less puncture the heart. In the same vein, if one knows how he also knows how to avoid it. That’s why I mentioned before that by squatting down, Beijing’s Ho made his throat more accessible.

    2. Get sent to the mainland, live a new life. Is that very hard? Especially when he’s state-sponsored.

  27. Chinese Netizen says:

    I love it.

    My exact point was to purely fabricate a narrative pulled out of thin air about Junious Whore’s stabbing to illustrate the bullshit espoused by the HKCCPSAR government and their mainland overlords about foreign meddlers assisting in the mayhem or being the entire ground zero of the new troubles in HK, etc.

    And who was the very first patsy moron to fall for it, hook, line and sinker adding all the medical possibilities for good measure ? Naturally the idiot-cum-lately “Reactor #4”. It’s really too easy.

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