Rest of the week sadly devoted to (shudder) work

Just time to note… Former Director of Prosecutions, now curiously hyper-pro-Beijing, Grenville Cross calls for Internet censorship, curfews, more prosecutions of kids and additional equipment for the cops to counteract spreading hatred of the police (don’t ask how that works). No idea what this is supposed to achieve – but we’ll give it a go anyway. Cross by name, dementedly cross by nature.

In other matters… A semanticist notes that I use ‘Leninist’ and ‘Stalinist’ interchangeably. To me, ‘Leninist’ refers to organizational principles, like top-down ‘democratic centralism’ to enforce ideological discipline and United Front tactics to neutralize opposition. ‘Stalinist’ means such a system under the rule of one domineering individual, featuring such delights as a personality cult, extra-grandiose vanity projects, paranoia-driven purges and compulsory Xi Jinping Thought Studies in the workplace. Academics and nitpickers will no doubt know better. I will continue to just toss a coin when deciding which to use.

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16 Responses to Rest of the week sadly devoted to (shudder) work

  1. Joe Blow says:

    Ia Grenville Cross the new Aching-Bones (who sadly passed away recently) ?

  2. Chinese Netizen says:

    Cross…smug looking piece of shit, ain’t he?

  3. Chopped Onions says:

    Immediately Googleing LIHKG, “which contains discussions of how to attack police officers” Ha Ha Ha. Twat.

  4. Paul Serfaty says:

    As an amateur semanticist, I fully agree your definitions/uses of the two terms, and think you allocate them fairly well according to context.
    As recent Russian studies have underscored, far from finding Western ideas anathema, Mao learned well form Stalin how to apply Leninist principles to the operations of the CCP.
    These exchanges are interesting…

  5. Cassowary says:

    Another tiny crack in the United Front. Legco tycoon shill Abraham Shek is calling for an independent investigation into the police, lambasting Carrie Lam for thinking she can buy off the protesters with a few housing sweeteners.

    As he’s always been a reliable shill, in all likelihood he’s protecting his industry by blasting Lam’s proposal to resume developers’ land banks, but how odd that he thinks he can do this by siding with the protesters.

  6. Arkwright says:

    Government could start “closing down online hate forums” by g-g-g-gagging G-G-G-Granville.

  7. Stanley Lieber says:


    I’m pretty well acquainted with Abraham Shek, more so 10 years ago.

    Yes, he’s the property developers’ man, but he is no fool.

    He is also opinionated on many subjects and possesses an independent streak.

    The most likely explanation for his outspoken remarks is that he believes them.

  8. dimuendo says:

    You may wish to comment on 689 s latest suggestion that domestic helpers shop their employers,if latter allegedly possess riot gear! Money offered, in unspecified circumstances. However no guarantee of alternative employment for all helpers who find themselves out of work in consequence, including their employer being in jail.

    See help. Comments by DH leader quoted are very restrained.

    689 and the former “doctor” are in a race to the bottom, with G Cross a poor third. Arseholes are useful, indeed vital. None of the aforementioned 3 bring any merit or useful purpose at all.p

  9. I suspect there is a certain prosecutorial personality – lawyers who are intolerant, judgemental and censorious are naturally drawn to prosecution work. Cross fits the type.

  10. Cassowary says:

    @Stanley Leiber
    So shall we interpret this by saying that the Liaison Office has lost its grip enough for some of its minor allies to vent their spleens, but it doesn’t mean anything and sooner or later they will reimpose discipline?

  11. Reactor#4 says:

    Love the Grenv. Unfortunately, in his old age, he’s gone too soft. Personally, I’d like to see rioting made a capital offence. It’s such uncivilized behaviour. Actually, I’d apply the penalty to those who “shout in an aggressive” manner in public.

  12. I know we shouldn’t feed the troll, but I wonder if React(ionary) #4 realises that his proposal would eliminate most market traders in Hong Kong? Then where would he buy his food?

  13. dimuendo says:

    “help” should read HKFP or Hong Kong Free Press.

    Reactor # 4. What about trolling being made a capital offence? Western or chinese mode? In your case,maybe death by a thousand cuts?

  14. Amused Observer says:

    So glad to see our own Fukushima commenter supporting capital punishment for the HK police force.

  15. Chinese Netizen says:

    Time for an official party secretary in HKCCPSAR?

  16. Stanley Lieber says:


    Yes, it would certainly seem that the Liaison Office has lost its grip to such an extent that even some of its ostensible supporters find it necessary to vent their spleens in public.

    As for how successful the Liaison Office will be in reimposing discipline at a future date, my crystal ball is cloudy on that score, but I take it as a good sign that the question even needs to be raised.

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