No longer ‘Doctor’, still ‘The Honorable’

Anglia Ruskin University rescinds pro-Beijing legislator Junius Ho’s honorary degree, following a bout of ‘increasing concern’. While the pro-Beijing camp does not have a monopoly of obnoxiousness, it seems to account for the vast majority of racist, homophobic, triad-linked, hate-spewing, borderline-criminal scumbags who take part in Hong Kong ‘politics’.

This is partly by default. Decent and independent-minded people are unlikely to align themselves with the thuggish Stalinist CCP (and it wouldn’t want them anyway). It is also a result of the United Front practice of buying loyalty. Ho is a lawyer who works on the not-very-legal but lucrative transfer of New Territories ‘ding’ house-building rights – an archaic system that harms Hong Kong’s overall interests but which Beijing supports to keep rural power-holders onside.

Devout, true-Red believers are rare, and relatively few pro-Beijing party activists can be called ideologically committed; most are simply opportunists. This is overt and unapologetic where the pro-business factions are concerned. It is also apparent among the broader-based groups, notably the DAB and its differently-branded proxies, which attract a lot of lightweights and dimwits.

Not all of these schmucks are necessarily evil. It’s just a lot easier to be nominated as an election candidate for a well-resourced Beijing-backed party, provided you are happy to parrot the official line on everything. For example, it’s hard to imagine lawmaker Elizabeth Quat being as vulgar and crass as Junius Ho. She even dabbles in saving the whales and other environmentalist causes. Her university will never need to strip her of her degree.

Oh it can’t – it doesn’t even exist.

Meanwhile, my Twitter career is complete…

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  1. Casual Observer says:

    Talking of the Pro-Beijing camp it’s amusing to see “distinguished” columnist Nury Vittachi nail his colours to the government’s mast. His fb page is home to some next level toadying.

  2. Denise says:

    Sometimes you call the CCP Stalinist, sometimes you call it Leninist. What is the actual real political philosophy carried out by the CCP? I’m not sure Xi Jinping Thought is solely his alone, right?

  3. Gerald Simmonds says:

    Denise Ho!! A kind of double-groupie situation!

  4. Goatboy says:

    Thanks, Casual Observer. I wasn’t aware of this new episode in Nury’s life / stage in his career. Makes a change from hilariously misspelled menus, I suppose, and must be more lucrative. He’d sell his soul to take over Alex Lo’s column, wouldn’t he?

  5. Din Dan Che says:

    Vittachi is the opportunist who beggars belief. He earns a thudding wad of cash from the government hawking his kiddy books and associated antics around schools but doesn’t have the decency or moral fibre to be transparent about this in his increasingly pathetic spiel about the unrest. He is among that irksome crew of cruds who earnestly (sometimes justifiably, one has to admit) condemn protester violence but is heartlessly silent when it comes to police and pro-Beijing thuggery.
    This hypocrite of the highest order is probably attempting to pen a piss-take of the Joshua Wong disqualification right now.

  6. Mark Bradley says:

    @Casuel and the best part is the government and pro establishment toads don’t even know he exists

  7. old git says:

    “Upholding the Basic Law is a basic legal duty of a DC member. If a person advocates or promotes self-determination or independence by any means, he or she cannot possibly uphold the Basic Law or fulfil his or her duties as a DC member.”

    “There is no question of any political censorship, restriction of the freedom of speech or deprivation of the right to stand for elections as alleged by some members of the community.”

  8. HKhobo says:

    @Denise sometimes i think it might have a sprinkling of Democratic Peoples Republic in there as well. They keep having meetings!

  9. Siu Jiu says:

    Interesting contrast in direction between Vittachi’s and Chugani’s recent shifts. Starting back in June, Vittachi has gone off the deep end with the anti-movement conspiracy theories. Meanwhile, Chugani’s become a born-again supporter of democracy and good government.

  10. Chris Maden says:

    @old git

    So those who peacefully advocate Scotland’s independence would also be covered.

    Of course, what they mean is not independence from China, but independence of thought from CCP doctrine. Which neatly brings us back to the Honourable but no longer Doctor Ho, who would sell his mother if the CCP told him to. For all we know, he probably already has.

  11. Stephen says:

    @Siu Jiu and others, let’s not lionize Chugani just yet as his largest sources of income, TVB and Pro China Morning Post (PCMP), are both timid and self censored and will reign him in. Interestingly Nury was fired, yonks ago, from the PCMP not due to politics but because he was crap.

  12. @Chris Maden – I believe his mother is dead (remember the attack on his parents’ grave?) Should he have a sister, however, I’m sure he’d be quite happy to sell her.

  13. Joe Blow says:

    Ironically, li’l Nury’s father fled his native Sri Lanka because of political persecution.

  14. Cassowary says:

    Joshua Wong cannot run for office, set up a political party, receive donations legitimately, or get a normal job (now that he has a criminal record). If he so much as squints at a cop funny, they’ll arrest him and throw him in jail. They’re obviously trying to grind him down into a life of hopeless penury, Singapore style, or drive him into exile.

  15. Mary Melville says:

    29th October 2019 – (Hong Kong) To further safeguard the privacy of the public, if anyone wishes to obtain birth or marriage details of another person but consent is not obtained, the applicant must elaborate the purpose of the search, usage of the information and the relationship with the person. Spokesperson for the immigration department said that it is important to respect the privacy of others.
    Ummm ……. so how do I check out if that handsome jai half my age who professes undying devotion is not some married rascal after my bank balance?

  16. SHTB says:

    The CCP is these days re-emphasising Leninism. Lenin was the one who devised the systems the USSR used to keep itself perpetually in power. Hopefully they won’t work any better in China, but there’s new technology nowadays.

  17. Siu Jiu says:

    @Stephen: Completely agree on Chugani. The man’s spent a lifetime demonstrating a lack of integrity. Those who are born again are already primed to be born again again.

  18. Guest says:

    @Din Dan Che: Vittachi’s recent Facebook post blamed Jeremy Tam “and his gang of lawbreakers” for being sprayed with blue dye.

    I guess that “gang” includes Mohan Chugani, who just dropped his support for the police.

    Vittachi’s post didn’t even display his trademark humor.

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