Boycott-bitten bakery blues

Fearing a loss of business, Maxims Cakes get whiny about how the late founder’s 71-year-old pro-Beijing daughter isn’t on the management. Funny how, when profits are at stake, their principles of patriotism and filial respect suddenly become as flaccid as their nasty little sponges. And chocolate addicts’ haven Best Mart 360 feels a need to deny it has triad ties.

If Hong Kong companies notice that their CCP-shoe-shining can cost them, might the government finally realize that police tactics are boosting sympathy and support for protesters? Since Beijing has effectively bound and gagged the local administration, our officials have little scope to indicate either way. But, if you have an ultra-sensitive ear for between-the-lines wavering, you might detect some tiny traces.

They are: some brief comments (partly covered here) from Carrie Lam faintly implying some distance between herself and the cops; a slight suggestion of backtracking by police on whether the infamous ‘yellow object’ they were filmed kicking might in fact be a human; and a few mutterings in establishment circles about how the police complaints system needs more credibility. It’s not a lot – but what did you expect?

Just on the off-chance officials might find a way to start calming things, the trials of 44 people accused of riot and other politically charged offences begin today – to make sure the situation stays at boiling point. Beijing’s leaders are supposed to be trained in scientific-style Marxist theories of history. Yet it seems they have not learned the obvious lessons from 2014 and the subsequent political trials and imprisonment of Joshua Wong, Benny Tai, et al. It’s just crush, crush, crush, and repeat as necessary.

And it gets better: according to a report, Beijing’s Office of Southern Barbarian Affairs is insisting on dredging up the much-loathed ‘National Education’ brainwashing of kids in schools. Bring it on…

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15 Responses to Boycott-bitten bakery blues

  1. Stanley Lieber says:

    The reports of Annie Wu’s father’s death are greatly exaggerated.

    Jimmy Wu is still alive.

  2. PaperCuts says:

    I wonder if my mainlander landlord would consider dropping the disgusting rent she has on her rathole in the sky in light of how shit Hong Kong is these days. Here I am paying into a system that aids and abets gangster beatdowns of civilians cowering in MTR carriages. Here you are collecting bank account credits on 4 walls with a hole in the middle.

  3. Din Dan Che says:

    Another thing one learns from the Harbour Times article is that the publication seems to have joined the ranks of other media outlets in no longer employing the services of sub editors.

  4. Knownot says:

    From HKFP:
    Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam has said it is “quite remarkable,” by world standards, that there have been no major fatalities in Hong Kong after three months of protest.

    I wonder whether there is a word or phrase that means “praising oneself for not doing something one should not do”.

    The principal of a British public school said, “We have not had a single case of molestation by a teacher.”

    The proprietor of a sausage manufacturers’ association said, “I am proud to say that we have not had a single case of horse-meat in our products.”

    The madame of a brothel said, “Not one of my girls has ever drugged and robbed a client. And not one is a lady-boy.”

  5. Yellow Magic Objects says:

    I am intrigued to found out what exactly the difference is between plain old-fashioned fatalities and these new-dangled major fatalities are. I presume a major fatality would be someone Carrie knows or someone on the communist side. Yellow objects on the other baton-filled hand… minor fatalities perhaps?

  6. Joe Blow says:

    Police terror and brutality is now a major part of the protest equation. It was not before the recent demos started. The Popo better look out, and over their shoulder, because they are 30k and we are millions. What we have witnessed over the past few weeks will not go unpunished.

  7. Cassowary says:

    I have to wonder how many rank and file cops would obey orders to fire live rounds at protesters. Yes the force as a whole has been turned into a political tool but it wouldn’t work unless its members individually have nothing but contempt for the people they allegedly serve.

  8. Yellow Magic Objects says:

    And when I say new-dangled, I mean new-fangled. Which ironically the new-fangled and annoyingly intrusive predictive text engine on my phone hasn’t heard of.

    @Joe Blow
    I think the police have made a very uncomfortable bed for themselves for the next 2-3 decades at least. They will not be helped by Hong Kong’s housing estate oriented geography — those concrete mazes may well become no-go areas like the walled city was back in the day.

  9. MarkLane says:

    “And chocolate addicts’ haven Best Mart 360 feels a need to deny it has triad ties.”

    Good Lord, nooooo! Now where will we get our European super dark chocolate for HKD $8 per bar!?!

    Seriously though, this sucks. Good thing I literally bought a few dozens bars that last time I saw them on heavy discount…

  10. Ultra Vires says:

    Question: How many of the 20,000 or more police who transitioned from the Royal HK Police to the SAR HK Police on 1 July 1997 took the revised Oath of Office to”faithfully serve the Government of the Hong Kong SAR”?

    Answer: None

    Observation: There no longer is a HKSARG to serve.

  11. Cassowary says:

    The real question is how much crime the Police are ignoring in exchange for triad muscle. Triads don’t work for free. According to the UN the Southeast Asian meth trade has grown from US$5 billion to US$61 billion since 2013. The cartel operations are based in Hong Kong. Hmmmm… what happened in Hong Kong since 2013 I wonder?

  12. Cassowary says:

    Dammit, a typo. That should be “has grown from US$15 billion to US$61 billion”.

  13. Me under another name says:

    @Joe Blow – the police might also do well to remember that it is the civilians they despise who pay their salaries.

  14. MarkLane says:

    @Cassoway “According to the UN the Southeast Asian meth trade has grown from US$5 billion to US$61 billion since 2013. The cartel operations are based in Hong Kong. Hmmmm… what happened in Hong Kong since 2013 I wonder?”

    Serious question: what happened in Hong Kong since 2013?

  15. Cassowary says:

    If you really are asking a serious question, here’s a serious answer. Triad muscle was first used against protesters in 2014. I assume that they have been reaping their reward since then.

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