Some mid-week links for the gentry

An LA Times piece describes Hong Kong’s mood as a type of great awakening. With Lennon Walls proliferating, more marches planned, and the government apparently driven by an unseen overpowering force to provoke ever more hostility from the broad middle-ground of public opinion – and even the pro-Beijing mob at each other’s throats – something does feel different this time.

A thread on the trustworthiness of Carrie ‘Dead Bill’ Lam. Who is masterminding Carrie’s PR? It looks suspiciously like a subversive infiltrator from the opposition – after all, being totally sealed off from public opinion, she and her clueless colleagues would never notice. The word is that Beijing won’t let her ‘withdraw’ the bill. The logic is that this would lose face/encourage revolt (whereas a laughably desperate and pitiful clutching around for inadequate euphemisms won’t, you see).

Anti-Carrie graphics get crueler by the day: a clever mix of imagery from Badiucao, and one for movie fans by an unknown artist/wit.

Why Beijing can’t afford to alienate Hong Kong’s young activists. Yes – this is the Chinese Communist Party’s big opportunity to switch on the ‘hearts and minds’ charm!

And, amid so much rebellion, Larry Salibra tries opting out of face-scanning at Hong Kong International Airport. Most of us would be too shy/lazy/late to start an overseas trip with a principled argument with a half-brained security guard just before the passport check. He describes it as ‘mentally and emotionally difficult’, but apparently easier the second time.

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7 Responses to Some mid-week links for the gentry

  1. Chinese Netizen says:

    Leave it to a white boy to question “the Man”. Good for him. You’d NEVER see the mass sheeple even read any fine print much less QUESTION au-thor-ee-tai in 99.999% of Asia. Especially the Chicoms.

  2. Mark Bradley says:

    @Chinese Netizen but questioning the man is exactly what the young protesters are doing.

  3. Hermes says:

    Carrie Lam unexpectedly emerged today on Lamma Island – with a heavy police presence but no press were invited – to open the new library. She was accompanied by Lau Kwong Wah and Lamma DC dignitaries Yu Lai-fan and Chow Yuk-tong. In pictures sent to me she looked ecstatic. Crisis, what crisis ?

  4. pie-chucker says:

    What nonsense. Were the two million ‘questioning authority’ all bald white guys?

  5. Guest says:

    @Mark Bradley: strength in numbers.

  6. Chinese Netizen says:

    Point being ONE guy boldly asking a bunch of meek, low paid security guards, in a sterile and almost holy airport scenario, WHY he had to do something when the fine print said he didn’t…risking potential bureaucratic delaying, hemming and hawing and even possibly missing a flight.

    Not comparable to being one out of hundreds of thousands in a large crowd, feeling pumped, knowing you’re marching for something righteous but having everyone around you thinking what you think….preaching to the choir.

  7. Din Gao says:

    If the Airport Authority/Security Branch are annoyed that they do no have a pic of Bald White Guy, now they only have to copy it from his blog.

    Not So Smart Bald White Guy zhuk chong yap si fat 🙂

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