It’s Friday

I declare the weekend open with a selection of just five links, four of which will statistically be of no interest to the average reader, while the other will fascinate.

For fans of the worthy but dry, a rebuttal of the ‘Zhong Lun declaration’ on Huawei’s obligations under Chinese law (click to get pdf). (The original declaration, to the US government last year, is here.)

For archaeologists, an obituary of historian Li Xueqin, including a description of the problems that arise when the Communist Party wants to rewrite ancient myth as politically potent fact.

For architects, how old-style ‘big hat’ roofs ended up on even modern Chinese buildings, resulting in much ugliness in such places as Beijing.

For the antique car types, how an Austin 7 came from the UK to Hong Kong and then the US before finally returning home.

And for everyone else, the Hong Kong Mexican Bun – how a little remembered returned Chinese-Central American tribe lives on at your local bakery.


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One Response to It’s Friday

  1. Knownot says:

    “Stranded Train Halts Airport Express Services”
    – RTHK, Sunday 24 March

    MTR – Malign Imps Strike Again
    And Again

    Quiet Sunday night.
    A tunnel, deep inside.
    See the trains collide!
    See the imps’ delight!

    Airport train Express
    Comes to Sunny Bay.
    Cannot get away!
    See the imps’ success!

    For ever, imps malign
    Will harass, block, or fail,
    Collide, delay, derail
    Every railway line.

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