Going off the rails

A few mid-week links with a bias towards trains. Lawfareblog does a good summary of what the High Speed Rail arrangements mean for the Hong Kong legal system. And before we feel too sorry for ourselves, how badly China shafted (railroaded?) Kenya on the SGR project.

On other matters, an intro to how the United Front works, a tour of United Front Land with “overseas Chinese representatives” from the US, Malaysia, Australia and elsewhere – and the thread branches off here to include our own Tung Chee-hwa.

On the cultural side, what the author calls ‘…a love letter to & from Hong Kong. It’s ostensibly a profile of one person but really, it’s an ode to an island’, but don’t let that put you off – New Yorker on on Denise Ho. And the really serious stuff: beer – history, and specifically the marketing of the stuff in Mao’s China (click link to pdf).

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7 Responses to Going off the rails

  1. Mr Bowtie says:

    Can I go off topic? Why are six police bodyguards escorting a convicted criminal around in a government vehicle? In addition, his home at Mount Butler is surrounded by more police. What’s the threat?

  2. Docta Hubschrauber says:

    Why don’t you launch a Sinophobia hub?

    Lots of neo-liberal journos out there dutifully churning out the Hate.

    And you know all the URLs already!

    The Blacks invented rock’N’roll.

    The Honkies invented churn’N’stir.

    Pip, pip!

  3. Chinese Netizen says:

    My favorite sellouts are the ones that desire ties to the “motherland” (a photo prominently hung on the office wall of pathetic wretch shaking hands with the deputy vice under mayor of Huizhou!), feeling self important and for whatever pathetic guanxi it entails, all while living comfortably abroad with their escape pod passports.

    Luckily the CCP treats their own, foreign passports or not, when in-country, even more shittily than the unlucky citizens that didn’t emigrate. “Wo Men Zhong Guo Ren”…

  4. Chinese Netizen says:

    @Mr Bowtie: It’s China…every official regardless of rank or conviction is afforded banner men. Mandate of heaven and all that…

  5. Mjrelje says:

    Mr. Bow-tie: at least with that number of goon like policemen surrounding him at all times, he’ll still feel like he is in prison. He may as well move to the mainland where he actually would be in prison in all but name.

  6. steve says:

    Docta: “The Blacks”?!? You’re sounding like Donald Trump. Or perhaps a colonial overseer in a monocle and pith helmet, sipping tea on the veranda under a palm frond fan controlled by one of Those People.

  7. Casira says:

    Old age really made you a shipwreck docta.

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