‘…curves of clavicles visible underneath black-silk dressing gowns’

Having seen The Devil Wears Prada, I thought I knew everything about the fashion industry. But even with such an expert level of knowledge, I didn’t realize just how much this peculiarly fatuous business has its head up its own backside.

That’s one thing I learned from this insider account by an apparently rather literate model who witnessed the Dolce & Gabbana tacky Bling-Crap Fest Catwalk Thing Show in Shanghai flop, following the tragically lame/mightily offensive Orientalist Pizza-with-chopsticks Video Outrage Horror Mass-Freak-out. The other thing I learned is that Dolce and Gabbana are actual people, not just some chic Latin-tinged name invented by the marketing department.

Amazingly, the company already upset sensitive Mainlanders and anyone with an ounce of taste last year by taking ‘poverty porn’-type condescending (clunky, embarrassingly real-life) photos of hip glam young beauties alongside ragged shriveled Third World-elders in Beijing. It didn’t help that the clean, shiny, trendy foreigners in the pictures exhibited – I can’t help perceiving – barely disguised discomfort and distaste at being in close proximity to the grimy oldsters.

Of course, Dolce & Gabbana had this coming ever since it incurred the wrath of Hong Kong by trying to ban locals from photographing its ultra-classified top-secret shop windows in Kowloon a few years back. (You’d have thought purveyors of pretentious overpriced tacky clothes would get on better with camera-related issues.) The brand is now fit for only one purpose – hurting the feelings of the Chinese people.


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4 Responses to ‘…curves of clavicles visible underneath black-silk dressing gowns’

  1. Docta Leo G Carroll says:

    Whipping up hatred against Chinese people who whip up hatred against people whipping up hatred against Chinese….where will it all end?

    Will they all eventually cancel each other out…or run out of whips?

    Do you know that song…by the Kursaal Flyers…

    I know that she knows
    That I know she”s two-timin” me
    tra la la

    I’m a quadruple agent myself…or a quin….sorry I lost count.

  2. Steve Mc Garret says:

    Doing a Ratner.

  3. Joe Blow says:

    Doga = yoga for dogs.


  4. Mary Melville says:

    Rather literate model? Why not? Many really savvy ladies have kicked off their careers in the modeling business as it provides opportunities to travel, to network, to take advantage of gullible males. Just look at the career paths of Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum, Kate Moss, Gisele Bundchen and countless others.
    Modeling is one field in which the women call the shots, get the higher fees and magazine covers.
    The author of the article should enjoy a bright future.
    As for D&G, Stefano is obviously a fading queen fixated on a certain appendage – cannoli anyone? – who has lost the plot. But if the duo has been savvy with their investments they can now retire to an estate in Sicily and reinvent themselves a few years down the line. Maybe they, and other once inventive fashion houses like Prada, will go back to designing attractive and original attire instead of the gaudy tat they have been churning out for the last decade or so to cash in on the nouveau riche.

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