In HK, even extreme moderates now despair

I hope he brought a toothbrush… Former Hong Kong government official and longtime pro-Beijing patriot Patrick Ho suffers more legal setbacks. Prosecutors in New York will now present evidence involving arms sales, and the judge is allowing a former co-defendant to testify against him.

A lot of background on China’s use of UN-linked NGOs like Ho’s is here; an Australian-angled version expanding on Sheri Yan is here. Also in today’s ‘Xi Jinping hubris coming home to roost’ news, Beijing’s pet Sri Lankan strongman is struggling to keep power, while China’s economic threat is one thing US politicians can agree on.

And here in Hong Kong, one of the English-language media’s more prominent apologists for the shoe-shining establishment loyalist line decides he can take no more, and demands that officials stop pretending Mainlandization isn’t eroding the city’s freedoms. You know it’s serious when even the most extreme moderates (“I am not judging whether it’s right or wrong…”) start to have doubts.

Moving as far from extreme moderation as possible – some of us may remember seeing strange (as in completely wacko) posters stuck on walls and lampposts around Hong Kong a while ago. Stuff about JFK, mind-control, the US consulate, tycoons and general ever-spiraling conspiracy-addled derangement. Not good enough to be the product of genuine brain-damage, but too authentic to be just a failed attempt at edgy street art/parody (assuming Hong Kong had any). Whoever is responsible must be out there, walking among us. A possible (and predictably weird, or maybe humdrum) account in this thread.


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4 Responses to In HK, even extreme moderates now despair

  1. Chinese Netizen says:

    I think the edgy art insurgent is none other than YOU, Herr Hemlock!

  2. Docta Elvis says:

    But here I’ll stay
    Until it’s time
    For you to go

    Taiwan or Baguio or Bexley- on Sea?

  3. ho ha says:

    i’m not judging wither your take goes — correct or incorrect — only I wish to impart my opinion that indeed I do see what you are saying here. I do not agree or disagree however, for then perhaps my business dealings and back stabbings will be ultimately frustrated.

  4. Joe Blow says:

    I will happily buy booze at 7 11 on behalf of some kids in Wyndham Street.

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