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It’s all over here today…

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11 Responses to Over at HKFP

  1. Chris Maden says:

    I read that this morning and thought “That must have been written by Hemlock”…

  2. Stephen says:

    You really must write for the HKFP more often. Excellent, yet depressing, read.

  3. dimuendo says:

    Hemlock quotes Jerome Cohen

    “This too will pass”

    Maybe, but if so, when.

    The CCP came to power in 1949. Notwithstanding all that has happened on the mainland, it is still in power.

    Burma post WW2 was a prosperous successful developing country until Ne Win in 1962. As a forerunner for the mainland, the Burmese were free with their gunfire in summer 1988 (three months after I went). Mynanmar has nw held its much vaunted elections, and supposedly the bastion of democracy and freedom came to de facto power. In reality, no. It is still a repressive, fear stricken country.

    So Mr Cohen, and Hemlock, when will things pass? What is to happen in the meantime, other than endure a situation which is going to get worse?

  4. Peter Call says:

    Great article Hemlock!

    Anyone here disappointed that HKFP disabled comments on all articles?

  5. Gooddog says:

    Loved the article. Deserves to be picked up by other publications.

  6. Din Gao says:

    The Immigration Department are already goose-stepping at their passing out parades…

  7. @Peter Call – yes. Too many wumao, I guess, but it’s a shame.

  8. JFK says:

    @Din Gao – One hopes you’re only jesting

  9. Tom Grundy says:

    re: HKFP comments — https://www.hongkongfp.com/hkfps-comment-section/ @Peter Call @Old Newcomer — wumao were only a small part of it – mostly technical and legal.

  10. Stephen says:

    @Tom Grundy,

    Shame about the comments. The wumao known as “Peter Murphy” was inadvertently hilarious and one of my favourite parts of the HKFP. The Faux Brit took too commenting on anything and everything critical of China.

    Oh well it’s back to baiting them in The Guardian.

  11. Tom Grundy says:

    @Stephen – you were previously seeing comments by Mr Murphy being “mirrored” or “synchronised” from the Facebook comments section, where he usually hangs out. He, and similar Usual Suspects, are still around on our FB page.

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