CY in new mid-week freak-out

Who in Hong Kong can fail to be impressed by former Chief Executive CY Leung’s limitless energy? (By ‘energy’, we mean ‘volatility’, which is in turn a euphemism for ‘thin-skinned, frenzied, simultaneously-tormented-and-tormenting, mouth-frothing, tyrannical wacko berserk-ness’.)

The Communist Party-idolizing half-Transylvanian has spared time from his anti-separatism and other crusades to instruct his lawyer to send a snotty letter to Stand News for publishing “unfounded allegations that a close relationship existed between Mr Leung and the triad society or the underworld”. (That’s obviously a typo – should be ‘afterworld’.)

He is apparently especially anguished by a cartoon portraying him with tattoos and carrying a fold-up chair in the street. Good-natured public figures with a clear conscience would ask the artist for a signed copy and frame it as a mildly condescending joke. But CY doesn’t see the funny side of this (or do ‘seeing the funny side’ ever, so far as anyone knows).

He has reacted badly to insinuations of Triad links before, and he has sued for defamation and become sorely vexed in general over questions about his UGL payment.

The strange thing is that a fair-minded, objective bystander (especially, perhaps, if they had limited interest in Hong Kong’s more sordid side) would shrug off CY’s supposed gangster connections as happenstance, and dismiss the non-declaration of the UGL payment as an oversight. But then, on observing the CPPCC vice-chairman’s sour, obsessive and vindictive mega-miff outbursts on these apparently trivial matters, they might start to think ‘hmmmm…’


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3 Responses to CY in new mid-week freak-out

  1. CY is desperately plugging away for Brownie points with the Mainland and anyone else because Stanley prison beckons. He may be going in just as Raffy comes out. Raffy got more loot though.

    The ICAC has reached a decision on him and he’s in the dock soon.

    Carrie, with the greatest reluctance, like so many politicians, is selling him down the river.

  2. HillnotPeak says:

    CYL has a lot of time on his hands it seems. I guess that vice-chairman post at the CPPCC doesn’t cost much time. Can’t he pick up knitting?

  3. Chinese Netizen says:

    “Good-natured public figures with a clear conscience would ask the artist for a signed copy and frame it as a mildly condescending joke.”

    Notice you didn’t write “Good-natured CHINESE public figures…”

    Therein lies the problem. The vast majority of the Han “elite” take themselves much, MUCH too seriously once they reach a certain level and start to believe in their own infallibility.

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