Harpist Jailed for Overly Latin Swing Interpretation

Enjoy it while you can: a rather fetching jazzed-up version of March of the Volunteers, which could be illegal under the forthcoming National Anthem (Sincere Veneration (Compulsory)) Ordinance. The report says plain-clothes cops were videoing this performance, and you have to ask: is the government seriously going to prosecute people for this?

I foresee expert witnesses from music academies telling courts that playing the tune in a particular key or time signature imparts a mood of jollity or somberness or Allegretto, but is not disrespectful – or is. The headline will be: Flautist Gets 18 Months for Playing in 3:4 Time. At what point does the Chinese Communist Party’s obsessive and neurotic micro-management of Hong Kong become comedy?

I declare the weekend open with a couple of quick links for aficionados of other disciplines: the risk of renewed capital flight from China, and sunlight requirements in pre-reform China’s urban building codes (yes, they had them). For long-read fans: the story of one of America’s bloodiest hitmen; and for binge-watchers of low-budget creepiness: Sapphire and Steel.


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4 Responses to Harpist Jailed for Overly Latin Swing Interpretation

  1. Chinese Netizen says:

    April 1st cums but twice a year

  2. Knownot says:

    An Away Draw

    They will not go to Singapore
    It was a North Korean con
    They are not talking any more
    The Kim is smarter than the Don.

    See the Master of the tweet
    The Youngster is afraid of him
    Afraid to take a plane and meet
    The Don is smarter than the Kim.

    Artfully the Youngster spoke
    The Master’s cool is quickly gone
    He is easy to provoke
    The Kim is smarter than the Don.

    Nasty words about the Pence
    Insulting and abusing him
    The Master ends the whole pretence
    The Don is smarter than the Kim.

  3. Din Gao says:

    The PRC will obviously have to extradite this Venezuelan Guard of Honour band for this outrageous performance of The March of the Volunteers:


  4. LRE says:

    Fair play to the Venezuelans, no wonder they tried to skip a bit — that song just tries to cram way to many notes into too small a space. End result: things get ugly, jarring and unpleasant fast.

    See also: HK government’s attitude to mainland tourists smugglers in Hong Kong; hate-filled opinions in Dubious Ho’s brain; Dr Margaret Chan’s teeth.

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