Trying to make HK’s by-elections interesting

It’s hard to get excited or optimistic about the Hong Kong Legislative Council by-elections on Sunday. Beijing has replaced the spiteful CY Leung with the nondescript Carrie Lam as Chief Executive, set about reducing the legislative branch into a pure Mainland-style rubber-stamp body – and at least they’re not rounding up hundreds of thousands of people into re-education camps like in Xinjiang. So there’s a distinct ‘Why bother?’ feeling.

The main motivation to vote – apart from the hoped-for souvenir fridge magnet – is personal. In 2016, I voted for a guy who won a seat with very strong support but was disqualified for showing insufficient enthusiasm for Communist dictatorship. Then, before we had a chance to vote for her, the woman who was going to run in his place wasn’t even allowed on the ballot for the same reason. This is the kind of thing that pisses people off.

No-one’s conducting any opinion polls for these by-elections. United Front manipulators are taking it almost too seriously with their usual tricks, presumably getting ineligible voters onto the rolls, obviously paying fake protestors to disrupt campaigning, and certainly planning to bus elderly dementia patients to polling stations – and there are reports that Mainland-linked companies are pressuring staff to take part in canvassing.

If the United Front folk had studied Pork Barrel 101, they would have exploited last week’s Budget by arranging for pro-Beijing figures to demand (and get) handouts for The People, and then taking the credit during the last 10 days’ campaigning. Instead, loyalist Regina Ip has to echo post-Budget opposition demands for cash-for-all – and, bizarrely, gets rebuffed. You would have thought Leninists could do ‘joined-up government’, but apparently not.

In Hong Kong Island, the United Front picked Regina’s New People’s Party candidate Judy Chan to represent the pro-Beijing camp. This makes sense: the NPP has a ‘middle-class’ image, and Judy has (arguably/theoretically/approximately) some sort of young-glam-girl-next-door thing, as befits the prosperous neighbourhood. The more overtly pro-Communist DAB/FTU are running suitably doltish stooges in the Kowloon/New Territories races.

Pro-Beijing politicians suffer from a distressing and miserable handicap: they are not allowed to have any ideas or views of their own. Thus Judy has made a big fuss about rival Au Nok-hin being an anarchic, rampaging arsonist – which will if anything boost the meek pro-dem rather than herself. And today, probably while waiting for Lines-to-Take from the Liaison Office, she is raising the possibility of abolishing term limits (a la Xi Jinping, geddit?) for Hong Kong’s Chief Executive. Regina needs to stuff some Belt and Road pamphlets down the girl’s mouth before she ends up getting zero votes.

And now, if you’re still undecided, this…

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7 Responses to Trying to make HK’s by-elections interesting

  1. Joe Blow says:

    Thanx for that pic at the bottom, Hemlock. You put me off my porridge again.

    Kids: summer is coming ! And that means balmy summer nights, cold beers and relaxing on a bar stool. And whatever you do, remember….BOYCOTT LAN KWAI FONG.

  2. “At least they’re not rounding up hundreds of thousands of people into re-education camps like in Xinjiang.” No, not yet – but they are rounding up dozens of young protesters and sending some of them to prison on pretty spurious charges. Reason enough to turn out for the pan-dems while we’re still allowed to vote.

  3. Please. The world’s two ugliest people, Semen and Vagina, in one collage.

    With Jasper and Starry on the side like a trough of baked beans garnished by two dead dogs.

    Or that scene we once watched together of Mrs Joyboy in THE LOVED ONE.

    It’s almost unforgiveable.

  4. pie-chucker says:

    Yeah, Islanders. Vote 1 on Sunday.

  5. Chinese Netizen says:

    Fucking hell..wheeled Max Schrek out from his Nosferatu crypt just for a political poster??

    Broomhead STILL makes me want to puke every time I’m forced to see her mug.

  6. Tamey Tame says:

    They seem to have clipped off the top of Alien Semen’s head … or maybe that’s just from the lobotomy?

  7. Raspberry Rolex says:

    Could we be turned away from the polling station if we look suspiciously like we think too much?

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