Next on the Things-to-Crush List…

Today’s Communist Party-ordered election-rigging comes from… New Territories East, where a politically impartial civil servant bars James Chan from the ballot on the grounds that she doesn’t believe he is sincere in saying he does not hold a particular belief. This is getting to become a religious test. (Maybe she does aurora readings.)

Since bureaucrats are now pre-determining these things, should new Legislative Council members still need to take an oath of office when they start work?  By being allowed on the ballot, surely they are deemed to have already passed that stage of the process.

How long before Hong Kong’s Obscene Articles Anti-Indecency Tribunal Thought-Enforcement Division prohibit youth or other subcultures? This is where Mainlandization must be leading us, for China has now indeed banned Hip-hop (more here).

A surreptitious Google search confirms the difference between Hip-hop and Rap. Hip-hop is the overall genre that includes the urban fashion (baggy jeans, bling), dance style (lots of pointing), visual design (like graffiti) as well as Rap itself – the street poetry and not-especially-likable chant-based music (also sampling, which overlaps with electronic music, and thus leads us to such curios as Terry Riley’s treatment of You’re No Good). In an uncharacteristic fit of totalitarian good taste, Beijing has included a no-tattoos-on-TV decree.

The Lowy Institute article mentions that officials also want to prevent Mainland Hip-hop from polluting the country’s approved cultural output aimed at overseas audiences. An interesting example of how government-run soft power is a contradiction: just as you have a way to get into Western teenagers’ hearts and minds, you snatch it away and try to lure them with neo-Confucian socialist-realist Mando-pop about Belt and Road.

Next item on the Things-to-Crush List is #MeToo. Could the Chinese government see a positive side to a highly effective, possibly ground-shifting, movement to counter sexual assault and harassment? Clues: ‘effective’ and ‘movement’. This is Leninism, and either you control it, or it will control you. So this is about ‘Western hostile forces’ using ‘Western feminism’ to interfere in China’s affairs, and the state-run women’s association sees it as a ‘serious political struggle’.

I declare the weekend open with yet more meddling in China’s internal affairs – this’ll go down like a cup of cold sick…

Cue a pronounced bout of Panda-Petulance…



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4 Responses to Next on the Things-to-Crush List…

  1. HillnotPeak says:

    The Umbrella boys should be careful, we all know what the commies do with Nobel Peace price winners.

    Those ‘returning officers’, are they all women? Spinsters I guess.

  2. Isaac Asimov says:

    “aura readings”, not “aurora readings”

  3. Gooddog says:

    The commies are now waging absolute open warfare on all democratic institutions in Hong Kong. This is a significant test for the Hong Kong people. Either Hong Kong stands up now or the city will be lost forever.

  4. Bozworth says:

    Look, these returning officers have all the smarts to take in auroras, too.

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