Invasion of the mind-reading politically neutral civil servants

Another would-be candidate in Hong Kong’s forthcoming by-elections, Lau Wing-hong, is barred from the ballot. The decision seems to hinge mostly on the Returning Officer’s ability to telepathically determine if someone has, deep within their soul, changed their opinion about an abstract concept. Chief Executive Carrie Lam meanwhile says the disqualification of Agnes Chow has nothing to do with her, as she was in Switzerland, presumably after taking the wrong MTR line while shopping for toilet paper.

On cue, Hong Kong drops down the rankings in a survey on democracy-ness. The city is now on a par with Namibia and Paraguay. Both countries – one the home of the Bastards, the other formerly ruled by fascist dictator Alfredo Stroessner – might object that they no longer disenfranchise the people or rig ballots, and do not deserve to be placed at Hong Kong’s level. A Beijing official, dismayed that Hong Kong still qualifies as even a ‘flawed’ democracy, promises to put this right.


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5 Responses to Invasion of the mind-reading politically neutral civil servants

  1. Communist revolutions take some time to work out.

    American hegemony is always rather swift.

    So jet off to England and relax. You can chat with Jonathan Fenby, another China expert who know nothing because he has never lived there.

    You will never see or appreciate the glory of a whole quarter of humanity free of America and its whore Britain.

    So why keep writing?

    Your blog is like a blind man visiting an art gallery.

    PIP, PIP!

  2. Knownot says:

    Carrie is a mystery, elusive as a ghost,
    Always disappearing when you think you need her most!

    Look at these two candidates, an ‘independent’ pair.
    Where is Carrie? What does she say? Carrie isn’t there!

    A list of questions for them if they wish to be elected.
    The questions sound political – but Carrie’s not connected!

    A civil servant keenly judges whether they’re sincere,
    But Carrie isn’t helping her – as Carrie isn’t here!

    The Officer Returning says who can and cannot go,
    But Carrie is in Switzerland, and Carrie doesn’t know!

  3. Does anyone really believe that a decision the government knows will lead to adverse media coverage around the world would be left to a faceless middle-ranking civil servant? If Carrie really didn’t know, the most likely explanation is that the Liaison office cut out the middle(wo)man.

  4. Mjrelje says:

    Why keep comenting George when you can just fuck off? Pip Pip. Tosser.

  5. Chinese Netizen says:

    And yet some douchebags continue to return to the art gallery, day in and day out….ad nauseam…

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