HK’s most farcical fake-election since the last one

If Hong Kong is going to be authentically Mainlandized, we must get into convoluted Leninist structure-speak. For example: Wasn’t it really cool last Wednesday when the first plenary meeting of the Electoral Conference of the 13th NPC election elected that Presidium chaired by Chief Executive Carrie Lam?

The correct answer of course is: ‘Yes, it was fascinating’.

The thing that happened on Wednesday was the rigged appointment of the body that will oversee the rigged election next month of Hong Kong’s delegates to the National People’s Congress – China’s rubber-stamp legislature. It happens every five years, but we are supposed to pay more attention than last time.

In Chinese-style elections, the complexity of the process is in line with its pointlessness. So in this case, roughly 1,900 people (the first plenary blah blah Electoral Conference etc) elected 19 (the Presidium) who will oversee an ‘election’ in which 36-plus-a-few people (candidates) will supposedly compete for the votes of roughly 1,900 people (mostly but not all the first 1,900) to become the 36 Hong Kong delegates to the NPC.

In order to get on the ballot, candidates must get 10 nominations from the Electoral Conference (ie the first 1,900), each member of which is allowed to nominate up to 36 individuals.

To prevent chaos and confusion, Beijing’s local minders issue a preferred list of 36 to its loyalists, who are the bulk of the body. In the past, the Electoral Conference have held a pre-election election that screened out undesirables (pro-democrats or mavericks) in the name of capping the number of candidates on the ballot. This time, hopeful nominees must also sign a loyalty pledge and state non-acceptance of funds from evil foreign forces. Carrie’s Presidium will double-check.

Typically, we can expect a ballot with 36 candidates who are clean and wholesome in the Communist Party’s eyes (mostly tapped in advance, but there is some lobbying going on among hopefuls), plus some extras for show. The preferred list of 36 will be sent out again to Beijing’s buddies in the electorate (ie the second/basically same 1,900 at the second plenary blah blah, or actual ‘election’ – do keep up).

Here’s the really neat twist: each voter must vote for a full 36 candidates.

I love that detail.

So not much chance of nasty surprises there. December 19 – it will be fascinating. The South China Morning Post manages to fill a whole page imagining that local delegates to the NPC are serious and mean something.

Charles Manson died this week. I check, and yes – I still have my copy of The Family by Ed Sanders (click on the pic for more Ed).


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  1. Docta G says:

    You missed the fact that the Patrick Ho corruption case is classed under POLITICS not CRIME by the SCMP. Presumably they classify Charlie Manson’s death under LEISURE or FAMILY AFFAIRS.

    I am a bit miffed at Charlie’s death. I can no longer reply to people bragging about their long happy marriage that Even Charles Manson Is Eligible For Parole. Another good joke gone.

  2. Knownot says:

    For the weekend

    Big Lychee’s post on Monday 20 November linked to a report in the Guardian: officials in Henan pay homage to a tree planted by Xi Jinping. The tree has grown ‘enormous and leafy’; they gaze at it ‘immersed in thought, filled with deep emotions’.

    The Tree

    The local Party band
    Have solemnly come out
    To show they are devout
    And, deeply moved, they stand
    In its shade enchanted.
    The magic tree,
    The mystic tree,
    The tree our Leader planted.

    May China bloom and flower
    With honour and with pride
    With Xi Jinping our guide,
    Again a super-power.
    May every wish be granted.
    The magic tree,
    The mystic tree,
    The tree our Leader planted.

    As in Imperial days
    It is High Heaven’s plan
    To send one Chosen Man
    Whom everyone obeys.
    Is that what they are thinking?
    The magic tree,
    The mystic tree,
    The tree of Xi Jinping.

  3. LRE says:

    Is it this tree?

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