CY returns to inspire love

However much of a klutz Carrie Lam might be, she can never hope to surpass CY Leung as Hong Kong’s creepiest Chief Executive. Rarely seen during daylight since leaving office last June, the former leader appeared yesterday at a forum pushing the theme of China-as-country-of-which-Hong-Kong-is-part (subtext: and-you-are-mere-worms).

One of his not-too subtle points as reported in the Standard was that any disrespect for the national anthem that upsets Mainland officials should be prosecuted. This is a neat solution to the ‘what if you stand on one leg?’ and other hypothetical scenarios causing law-drafters so much trouble, since everything upsets Mainland officials. He also warned students who raised yellow umbrellas or turned their backs during the anthem at graduation ceremonies that this could never count as exercise of free speech.

The Standard’s account mentions CY’s comments on the Anthem Freak-Out Frenzy alongside separate remarks by him along the lines that while killing is a crime deserving of capital punishment, killing in the name of the country is justifiable. We should not assume that he called for breakers of the forthcoming anthem law to be executed. Or maybe we should.

This whole subject of ‘country’ was at the core of CY’s remarks (and the forum). He maintained that describing the Hong Kong-mainland relationship as ‘Sino-Hong Kong’ implies independence advocacy – as does ‘Sino-Taiwan’. CY also mentioned the ‘struggle’ between China and other countries, presumably to rouse Hongkongers, whose lack of Chinese identity creates a void that affinity with foreigners or other loathsome threats to Communist-Han identity could fill.

This goes to the heart of Beijing’s increasingly obvious neurosis about Hong Kong: that the city doesn’t act right. The stolen child returned to the motherland has something alien about it, and can’t identify with its rightful family. Patience hasn’t worked, and the parent’s frustration grows, and with it an insecurity. More shrieking and beatings are the only solution – at some point, the offspring will cease its mutant ways and submit to the correct understanding.

Property tycoon Ronnie Chan was also present at the forum, and blamed the British for not allowing a sense of ‘country’ before 1997. The post-97 kids that are most alienated from ‘China’ never experienced the era of colonial oppression – but that would have been the time Ronnie got his US citizenship.


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9 Responses to CY returns to inspire love

  1. Chinese Netizen says:

    I suppose the most sickening thing about the likes of this extreme douchebag and the other outspoken “pro CCP” bootlickers is that they all HAVE THEIRS ALREADY and want to subjugate the young and the less connected to be forever under the heel of the thugs of the mainland.

    This fucktwat pontificates on what is “righteous killing”, respect, disrespect, patriotism, etc all while his spawn are off living the life in the west free of the burden of being “average Hong Kongers” (well…maybe one daughter is in an asylum already).

    I know it’s not worth the few minutes of anger but reading about this POS is absolutely blood boiling!

  2. Hank Morgan says:

    “More shrieking and beatings …”

    will always lead to a sense of ‘country’, not just that one.

  3. Stanley Lieber says:

    Those colonial Brits were such evil rotten oppressive bastards that every Wong, Chan and Lee who could fled to Hong Kong from China were the envy of their stay-behind compatriots for having done so.

  4. reductio says:

    Yup, stick CY in a Mao suit and 50 years ago he’d have been shooting anti-revolutionary elements in the head. Or more likely ordering others to do it. At least Ronnie Tong is just a slimy, unctuous, hypocritical turd ball.

  5. dimuendo says:

    I have it on very good authority that CY was very disrespectful as to the British national anthem, to which he sang salacious lyrics, when a student at Bristol Poly. Is his stance thus that such “rudeness” is permitted to teh (chinese) national anthem by none chinese or that it is permitted when uttered by a (visiting) student?

  6. reductio says:

    Sorry Ronnie Tong, I meant the other Ronnie.

  7. Bomb Shelter Resident says:

    The ‘leadership’ of the CPR and HK’s subordinate regime seems like the comedic farce of a skit that would have been performed by ‘the two Ronnies’, but – then, that’s British humour and would likely be considered wholly unpatriotic and down-right subversive by the CPR’s stooge ‘Ronnies’ and those of other names today, whether they be Ronnie Chan, Cy Leung, Xi Jinping, et al.
    “…deliberately distorting the lyrics or music of the national anthem of the People’s Republic of China, singing the national anthem in a distorted or derogatory fashion, or insulting the national anthem in other ways….” “…In other ways….” Indeed!
    Seems like Cy Leung should be replaced by the Iowa State University of Science and Technology’s mascot: ‘Cy’; at least he’s a ‘red’-bird that’s entertaining and harmless.
    The presently ‘free’ peoples of S/E Asia should be deeply concerned by the combination of Xi’s concentration of power and Trump…, well, he being… Trump. Taiwan, Japan, the Philippines and anyone remotely in proximity to the South China Sea – beware, you’re being stalked by a power-hungry, totalitarian, militarist, expansionist regime that wouldn’t think twice of instituting a contemporary ‘long-march.’

  8. Feilo says:

    To shut off forever these unhinged ramblings should be sufficient to inform Leung and other similar ilks that their acquired citizenship/passport/permanent residence can and will be revocated/cancelled/voided, and any further travel or visa in those territories barred,denied or severely curtailed. And since we’re at it, make clear to the traveling cadres that any offence against foreign citizens of Chinese descent in which they may be involved can result in their imprisonment and trial abroad without allowing their lovingly motherland diplomatic assistance.In this way Leninist paranoia will likely remain confined in the mainland henhouse

  9. Red Dragon says:

    The Two Ronnies, eh, Reductio?

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