So much going on…

…what with Hong Kong sports fans giving the Chinese national anthem its due, while justice-loving citizens spring Mainland-tourist-killing feline hero Porsche aka Marble (or are lots of cats doing this now?) from jail.

Just time for a couple of links to readable items in the ever-popular expat-bubble-under-Japanese genre: the evacuation of wives and kids to Oz, and the allied civilians who were not interned.

On a more up-to-date, we’re-all-friends-now note, my local Japanese place is on the cutting edge of futuristic trendy fashion – goodbye grandpa’s boring old passé matcha beer, hello young hip exciting space-age stylish potato salad…

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2 Responses to So much going on…

  1. Chinese Netizen says:

    Amazing the liberties mainlanders will take, wasting time and taking precious resources away from potentially more important emergencies when they know they are in a place where government services are actually responsive (for the most part) to the citizens they serve.

    Let’s see the cuntwailer try to barge into a mainland chengguan or PSB office and DEMAND(!) they get away from their 6 hr “Kai hui” meeting or siesta time to do something about Porky Swine (guarantee that kid was a little lardass) and his life endangering scratch.

    Fuck ’em all.

  2. Probably says:

    When Scotland play football or rugby internationals they play ‘Flower of Scotland’ as their anthem even though they are part of the UK and so in theory should play ‘God Save the Queen’. Why doesn’t HK adopt a similar approach with a national song of choice to prevent the booing and thus avoid potential embarrasment on either side? Any suggestions?

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