Carrie does Burma

As Mainlandizing-rectification continues, Hong Kong’s leaders will increasingly be forced to shed their cherished World City image and adopt a more defensive and ‘anti-Western’ public stance.

Domestically, we already see the supposedly multicultural city’s British-trained top officials awkwardly embracing Beijing’s Han-nationalism – for example, in urging patriotic education in schools. The recent and ongoing wave of political persecution has left them having to spout hollow Mainland-style arguments that rule of law is intact.

This will spill over onto the international stage. Take this unfortunate juxtaposition: Foreign Affairs lumps Hong Kong with army-ruled Thailand as regimes that abuse the law to silence pro-democrats; and Chief Executive Carrie Lam visits Burma in mid-ethnic cleansing to push ‘Belt and Road’.

As Beijing brings Hong Kong under more direct control, the city must gradually lose its Leninism-free reputation. For example, the current United Front mouth-frothing campaign against pro-independence banners points to criminalization of opinions before long, and it is easy to see intimidation of pro-democracy individuals becoming violent.

(It’s important to remember that this is nothing personal against Hong Kong. Xi Jinping’s clampdown applies to Xinjiang, the Internet, churches, tycoons and everything else that petrifies him. And in Hong Kong it goes beyond dissidents: our regulatory authorities look the other way as the Communist Party starts doing corporate governance in some locally listed companies.)

Criticism from the overseas press will rise. Cornered, Hong Kong’s leaders will have to abandon the ‘One Country, Two Systems’ pretense, and let go their former status as honorary junior members of the Free-World Rulers’ Club. Their new international role will be as presentable, cosmopolitan fronts for Beijing’s scowling xenophobes, useful for wooing Southeast Asian dirtbag dictators – reflecting Hong Kong’s descent to a semi-autonomous, sort-of classy banana republic.

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9 Responses to Carrie does Burma

  1. Wow, you can talk about Burma and not mention Rohingyas.

    And you still talk about OUR ….when it is THEIR baby.

    Crackers. They don’t never leave it alone.


  2. Chinese Netizen says:

    But all of Beijing’s further yoke tightening and HK Leninisation will be met with…. **cricket chirps**!

    Seriously…what CAN the press, British government or any other “democrazy” (esteamed SCMP letter writer Pierce Lam’s word) do? Risk a trade cutoff/boycott/made up customs violations of imported goods??

    The CCP is basically taking plays from the Kim Jong Un book of thumbing the nose and telling everyone to FUCK OFF. And NO ONE can (or will) do a goddamned thing about it.

    We LIKE their hot money firing up property speculation frenzies abroad and selling off assets bit by bit by such business geniuses as Mitt Romney.

  3. Cassowary says:

    Yes, there will be an occasional critical article in the foreign press. And the 8% of readers that bothered to click on said articles will nod their heads in concern before going back to reading about the latest nonsense President Trump has gotten up to.

  4. LRE says:

    It is an amusing juxtaposition to note that while Hong Kong is supposedly an inalienable part of China — ignoring for a minute the glaring fact that the past 150 years of history says “not!” — we’re a foreign country when it comes to waste paper (import permits required), or feminist activists’ university hopes (banned from leaving the mainland for 10 years, apparently means not being allowed to go to Hong Kong).

    I doubt the Hong Kong CPC lackeys will be roped in to serve “as presentable, cosmopolitan fronts for Beijing’s scowling xenophobes”: they’re far more likely to be treated with the scorn their status as ineffectual-nobodies-for-sale deserves. Beijing trusts them about as much as Hong Kong does — i.e. about as far as you can spit them, and views them with almost the same contempt.

  5. @Nina – perhaps you missed the reference to ethnic cleansing. Only a child needs everything spelled out in full.

  6. Joe Blow says:

    I was going to do something with ‘Debby does Dallas’ but I can’t think of anything.

    However, it struck me -like 5 seconds ago- that Chee-na has been a fucked up country for, let’s say, 5000 years, and that the only parts that were not fucked up during that time were Hong Kong from 1843 to (almost) the present, ditto Macau and Taiwan (mostly) since 1949 and maybe some of the Treaty Ports, like Shanghai, Xiamen, Harbin and Qingdoa.

    And while Chee-na has invented paper (like in toilet paper and Ali Baba Morning Post), it hasn’t invented the zero symbol which came from India (no, not Arabia). Okay lah ?

  7. Guest says:

    “…and not mention Rohingyas.”

    Neither has Suu Kyi herself.

    Her silence is thunderous.

  8. Chinese Netizen says:

    @Joe: Ironic, no, how the “crown jewel” of the showcase Chee-na city, Shanghai, is their western funded, designed, supervised and created Bund (and associated quaint foreign concession neighbourhoods)…which STILL proudly stand today through the shittiest shit that Chee-na could possibly have thrown at it??

  9. ComingToGrips says:

    Is this “Nina Simone” poster the same “Adams” person, who so often posts snarkily envious comments in this forum? I ask since it surprising that he continues to use the name of this cherished African-American singer to head his offensively hackneyed portrayals of how he believes black persons in North American speak or write (his prior posting under this avatar was even more horrendously offensive, virtually a “blackface” in written form).

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