The search for Nirvana ends…

…in one of Hong Kong’s larger Marks and Spencer Food Halls.

A humble monk walks in, clutching all his worldly possessions wrapped in simple cotton bags. He places them in a cart and slowly strolls down the aisle. He pays no interest to the muffins, or to the moist scones. He resists the midget gems, the Belgian marzipan chocolate balls and the jelly babies. He liberates his consciousness from all earthly desires as he passes the crunchy wasabi peanuts, the jars of pesto sauce and the Percy Pig biscuits. He has no use for the organic peppermint tea. He even ignores the glistening bottles of champagne…

Then he approaches the dairy section. He stops and turns to the shimmering light. And he gets seriously stuck into the cheese.

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7 Responses to The search for Nirvana ends…

  1. Brian says:

    It’s a religious thing, obviously.

  2. Feilo says:

    It’s almost a week since i can’t access your daily musings on the Mainland using my mighty iPhone and a China Mobile 4G card. VPN does the trick of course but do you have voices the good fellas up north have decided your writing are subversive or not enough fanning of xi dada?

  3. Magnus Pym says:

    Oh I get it now. A Buddhist monk buying British food. So funny. You are a card!

    Even funnier is seeing White people in Chinese takeaways in Britain.

    The demand for chips with sweet and sour sauce.

    The use of numbers instead of dish names.

    The Chinese servers often aren’t Chinese but it doesn’t matter.

    The real laughs are had in the kitchen as they cobble together horror upon horror for people without taste buds. And then watch them all get fatter and fatter.

    Pip, pip!

  4. Maugrim says:

    Maybe they sing a hymn, ‘we all have a friend in cheeses’.

  5. Red Dragon says:

    Perhaps he’s a “grand fromage” at Po Lin.

  6. Does he care how runny it is?

  7. HKcynical says:

    @MagnusPym, the irony is the juxtaposition of humble forswearing of earthly desires and the act of shopping for ones desires. Not the choice of cuisine per se. If you want to get a raise on your 5c, then higher quality trolling is required.

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