Hong Kong Then and Now: Cool

Before the handover: government officials appeared live on stage with rock bands

…and almost looked born to it.

Today: government officials cover up statues of Queen Victoria with tacky banners…

…and then wet themselves like panic-stricken weasels and change their minds when people complain.

Is it any wonder that Hong Kong has fallen so significantly down the World Cool Index in the last 20 years?

On a brighter note, thanks to huge gains in technology and increased output of source material, satirical videos have hugely improved…


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6 Responses to Hong Kong Then and Now: Cool

  1. Chris Maden says:

    Sorry to grab your blog, Hemlock, but to the tune of Santa Claus is Coming to Town, my own celebratory ditty…

    You’d better watch out

    You’d better not cry

    You’d better watch out

    I’m telling you why

    Xi Jinping is coming to town

    Well he’s bringing lots of tanks and guns

    And a great big army too

    And when he brings them to Hong Kong

    He’s gonna drive them over you (splat)


    He knows which books you’re selling

    He knows when they’re taboo

    He’ll get that filmed confession

    And that’s the end of you (oo)


    He don’t like independence

    He knows just what’s at stake

    So he will change the Basic Law

    And a pyre of freedoms make (yeah!)


    There’s National Education

    And we are all Chinese

    And if you’re not on board with that,

    Well, get down on your knees.


  2. LRE says:

    Ahhh Xi Jinping — Hong Kong’s very own Paul Bremner: trying to understand Hong Kong from behind the 10 ft concrete barriers of the green zone. Although the suitcases full of cash that Xi is bringing with him are just to be deposited in the old offshore account – just resting there of course.

    I suspect embarrassment and mirth will ambush any convoy into insurgent-held territory.

  3. No, Hong Kong was always tacky. But it wa cheerful. Now it’s so morose. Or is it just me? (Yes. Ed.)

    PS: Sorry to pull you up on satire. You can’t judge it as you don’t do it. The motor for satire is righteous indignation. It comes from a moral position, not from a colonial Economist Tory superiority complex. You just sneer. Again, apologies but someone has to tell you.

  4. Maugrim says:

    Gee they are stupid. Ignoring such statues would mean the rest of the populace would do so as well. The stunt where they placed one next to the monkey enclosure only made decision makers look at if they had very small penises.

  5. Joe Blow says:

    Whatever happened to Ricky Fung ?

  6. FOARP says:

    @Joe Blow – On the board of the hospital authority ( http://www.ha.org.hk/haho/ho/ca/v3/abtus_ha_member-en_v2.htm ) otherwise seems to have dropped out of the spotlight since ceasing to be the sec-gen of LegCo in 2008.

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