Hilariously Funny Headline of the Day Award…

…is a tie:

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  1. Papa Doc says:

    Not bad I suppose, if these subjects interest you, but for people of a more refined sense of humour, there are several pieces to delight in today’s SCMPAlibabaXinhua:

    Malaysia to cancel visa-free entry for North Koreans

    Ex-judge says no proof CE politically interfered in HKU governance: source

    How much pee is in the pool? Scientists found out. It’s a lot

  2. Maugrim says:

    Even funnier was Ip complaining that she had to compete against other candidates who had ‘huge popularity’.

    HK where a popular candidate isn’t necessary or a good thing. Lol.

  3. reductio says:

    When asked by lawmakers whether the Earth was round, Raymond Tam Chi Yuen replied that the answer was an unequivocal negative. He reiterated the government’s position that the earth is a flat disc: “I refer to the standing committee on terrestrial globularization headed by Ronald Arculli which has concluded after lengthy investigation of all sides of the issue that the evidence for a round Earth is slight.” When asked why he thought so many Hong Kong people believe the Earth was round, Mr Yuen replied that “I don’t want to speculate but are there foreign powers involved? I’m not an expert on these matters, but anybody with two eyes can see we aren’t sliding about, so why have so many people, dare I say, been hoodwinked.”

  4. LRE says:

    My favourite from the SCMP today was from the too-little-too-late page of the business news: “HMV Digital China unveils online video streaming platform” juxtaposed with a government advert offering rewards to people who report the illegal photocopying of newspapers.
    “What year is it? Who’s the president?”

    Although the HKFP header Hemmers posted takes 1st place, an honourable mention to this unwieldy beast: “Ex-lawmaker Ronny Tong ‘disappointed’ and ‘surprised’ as John Tsang refuses to attend his chief exec. forum”
    To my mind the most surprising thing about the story is that anything Ronny Irrelevant (He’s not even amusing enough to be completely hatstand) does or thinks still makes the news at all. Must be having a “slow news day and we’re all out of kittens” moment at HKFP…

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