Company Gwailo ‘forced to work’ scandal

The next few days – weeks, indeed – are a rush, so this CIA-funded painfully unconvincing ‘rich expat banker’ act will be even more erratic than usual for a while.

Just time to note a couple of things.

First, all right-thinking people will be heartened to see yet another reluctant, hand-wringing half-admission in the press that the forthcoming Hong Kong Chief Executive ‘election’ is a rigged, fraudulent, ritualized joke-charade…

As substance-abuse counsellors say, abandoning the pretense and admitting the reality is the first step to facing and overcoming your problem.

Second, it’s only mid-February, and we are already making plans for the July 1 20th anniversary of Hong Kong’s handover from the UK to China. The celebrations of the reunion with the motherland promise to be suitably rousing, joyous and merry…

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8 Responses to Company Gwailo ‘forced to work’ scandal

  1. DandyFAGUs says:

    As a patently CIA/NSC/MI4/MI5/MI6/MI8 3/4’s funded ‘fat-cat-banker’ with nothing better to do obviously than quaff the Bolly off the backs of your prostrate serfs you can be forgiven for being erratic. However, I do look forward to my daily dose of chuckles from the Hemlock… don’t tarry too long…

  2. Chinese Netizen says:

    Rubber bullets and supplies happily procured from “Henan PSB #53 Weapons and Dry Goods Supply Issuance and Luxury Hotel Company Group, Limited”

  3. Monkey the Absurd says:

    A company gwailo having to actually work (as opposed to the expert and artful simulation of gainful productivity)… absolutely shocking.

    Come back soon Hemmers …

  4. Tiu Fu Fong says:

    This reads like a cover story to mask the fact that your CIA cover has been blown and you’re in damage control mode.

  5. Joe Blow says:

    Maybe Hemlock has ‘moved’ to Shenzhen ‘at his own free will’ and he is now ‘assisting’ the authorities in China as a ‘person of interest’, just like other subversive writers we have know about. We may never hear from him again.

  6. Walter De Havilland says:

    When Inspector Frank Knight was seized at the border in 1967, he was soon returned with complaints he was eating the other side out of house and home. I trust things have improved ‘up north’ and Hemlock’s dietary needs can be met.

  7. DandyFAGUs says:

    Joe Blow : I do so hope that the ever omniscient Hong Kong Authorities have duly recorded the ‘move’ to SZ as of course they do in each and every case without,er, fail.

    Hemlock – if you are paraded on the News of your own free will – go for the one handed headstand backwards on the unicycle so that that we know all is well. Otherwise the parasols are coming out big time…

  8. Joe Blow says:

    Many years from now people will sit in bars, teary-eyed and all, and talk about the old days: “Remember that Hemlock ? Disappeared without a trace. He did a Glenn Miller”.

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