And now cards…

The end of the great clear-up is in sight. Among various dust-encrusted forgotten horrors from the past, a metal box of business cards, including those of some interesting and some not-so-interesting people…


I am estimating this lot is from 15-20 years ago. But life was not totally uncool in those days. Tucked away among the presidents, Nobel winners, tycoons, media folk, politicians and all-purpose establishment bores – a Yelts Inn membership card.

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6 Responses to And now cards…

  1. KwunTongBypass says:

    I recently found a name card from a meeting I had as a banker, probably in 1994, with three representatives of a company called Pacific Century Group. I wrote onto the card “arrogant pack”

  2. Chinese Netizen says:

    Reminds me of my Snakepit (Shekou) membership card

  3. Joe Blow says:

    About 35 years ago I paid $ 30- for something called “Straight Out” by one Ted Thomas. A collection of published and unpublished newspaper columns with lots of pictures, of said Ted Thomas, and, mysteriously, quite a few blank pages at the end. Regret still lingers because in those days you could buy 4 Heinies at a hotel bar for $30-.

  4. Slartiebartfast says:

    I was once handed a card from the stunning Fanny OR, Suk-fun. She didn’t seem to get it when I looked at it and asked “How about both?”. Pity, that.

  5. LRE says:

    Mmmm Yelts Inn of a Friday night. Back when LKF wasn’t entirely plumbing the depths of the plastic coated Brue Forsyth Experience that it is today, now Nosferatu holds Leninistic control of all there.

  6. GlobalNews says:

    hey Aris, i’m running (we’re mostly on WeChat at GlobalNewsPlus) and now that thenanfang is closing, maybe you’d like to come work with us??? (add me on wechat: globalnewscn) / or email ([email protected]) and let’s talk??

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