Nothing much happening today

…so just a couple of links.

Within seconds of the sentencing of murderer Rurik Jutting, prurient and tacky tabloids publish investigative pieces into the man’s past. They had travelled to remote and impoverished parts of Southeast Asia to interview victims’ relatives, as well as one or two bar-girl types who had once put up with and survived his company. Sordid stuff – and it goes without saying for God’s sake don’t let your kids anywhere near Winchester College, Cambridge University and Bank of America-Merrill Lynch. Anyway, unlike the British rags, the South China Morning Post keeps it classy and in accordance with Hong Kong’s moral standards – behold the real-estate angle, including assurances that other 400-sq-ft units in the ‘plush, ritzy’ J Residence in Wanchai are still popular.

And at last someone is getting the message that Hong Kong’s Chief Executive ‘election’ is a pre-arranged, rubber-stamp, charade and farce. There is no ‘race’, no ‘campaign’, not even ‘candidates’ – just an elaborate choreographed ritual masking a plain, everyday appointment of a stooge by a dictatorship.

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10 Responses to Nothing much happening today

  1. Joe Blow says:

    Not much happening ? This is a bigger nightmare than 9/11.

  2. What we all need now is a flat on the South Island of New Zealand. By an airport with planes heading to Antarctica.

    The survivalists were right. The final war is nigh.

    Fat blond middle-aged gits of the world. Our time has come.

    Thank you and goodnight.

  3. dimuendo says:

    Joe Blow

    I take it you are now doubly not moving to California.

    I will be content to stay here, if somebody will share what are the “business opportunities” in the impending changed climate.

  4. Joe Blow says:

    Marijuana becomes legal in California tomorrow. They’re gonna need it.

  5. Probably says:

    Puts Brexit in the shade. Damn Americans ‘Trumping’ the U.K. whenever possible.

  6. Joe Blow says:

    @dimuendo: No, not moving. The problem with Hong Kong is that, after Hong Kong, everywhere else is Dullsville. Like Margaritaville, old hippies sitting around the pool sipping daiquiries and pina coladas and getting sloshed, day after sunny day, until the liver petrifies, or the brain freezes up or the ticker stops ticking, just like that.

  7. Knownot says:

    The Times Seem To Be Changing

    He wrote some marvellous songs, although
    That was years ago.
    His tour is never-ending
    But he can’t sing.
    A genius in some people’s eyes
    But – What? – A Nobel Prize?
    Worth a million?
    Yeah, Dylan.

    Bring us a man who cleans
    Our dirty Philippines.
    Vigilantes, noble thugs,
    Sweep away the drugs.
    Here he is, the new man,
    The incorrupt and true man,
    Kicking ass and talking dirty,
    Yo, Duterte!

    It isn’t right,
    A Union which can’t unite.
    Can’t agree, cannot act,
    On world affairs has no impact.
    Makes intrusive regulations,
    Imposes them on member nations.
    Immigrants? It doesn’t know
    What next, where they should go.
    Mrs Merkel, we know what you did.
    We won’t be so stupid.
    Eurocrats earn a packet.
    It’s a racket.
    The referendum wrecks it.
    Hello, Brexit!

    It isn’t right, an endless race,
    Running hard to stay in one place.
    Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia, – when we go there
    Trying hard and getting nowhere.
    Mexicans – job stealers.
    Moslems – killers.
    Build a wall,
    Block them all.
    Politicians don’t come near us,
    Never hear us.
    This man says what we say.
    We chose him today.
    Charmless Hillary got the dump.
    Wow, Trump!

  8. Mary Melville says:

    Re the real estate angle, how can the media keep describing as luxury J Residence, with its pokey 400sqft units at $20,000pm when there are apartments selling for hundreds of millions.
    What is amazing about the residence is that it would appear that neighbours heard nothing over the 3 days that the first victim was being tortured and the screams of the second victim when she realized what was going on.
    In Hong Kong where you hear a coin dropped on the floor overhead, know everytime your neighbours go to the loo, and can enjoy TV programmes without ever switching on your own set, how come nobody intervened?
    Is it possible that this is the only building in Hong Kong with such hi-tech insulation that sound does not carry?
    Or is it another example to indifference to the plight of others?

  9. WTF says:

    Mary Melville, maybe it’s a testimony to how much real estate really is available if the speculators/developers would either dump it or rent it.

  10. stanley says:

    @ Enid

    And also ginger middle-aged gits, like yourself?

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