Fanny Law on hunt for class enemies


We are here to stuff fears, suggestions, fantasies, dramas, delusions and the overall concept of Hong Kong independence down your throat until you agree that it is a big, bad, ugly horror to humanity. Executive Council member and former senior civil servant Fanny Law talks endlessly about how we mustn’t talk at all about Hong Kong independence. She is especially freaked out about people discussing it in schools – for any reason that comes to mind, but right now on the grounds that it is too complicated unless you also understand the first Opium War. (You must admit, she gets 10 out of 10 for complicated.)

Secretary for Education Eddie Ng’s latest view on this pressing subject depends on what Beijing last told him.  Last we heard he was OK with talk of independence in schools provided it was in line with the Basic Law. I don’t think he means Fanny, though you could be forgiven for thinking she is the most ‘basic’ Law around at the moment.

That would be a shallow, snide comment without some sort of proof. Which brings us neatly to Fanny’s new bright idea, which is to look into the family background of pro-independence students. History provides us with a rich choice of ways to do this, such as:

  • Measuring their noses
  • Testing for extra Y chromosome
  • Weird forehead
  • Grandfather was a member of landlord class who starved the peasants
  • Wasn’t breast-fed/prolonged eczema misery as infant/spent whole childhood locked in dark spider-infested cupboard by evil step-mother
  • Hereditary predisposition to oppose totalitarian rule, mind-control, ex-civil servants with mad staring eyes stirring up witch-hunts at behest of Communist overlords


Meanwhile, the South China Morning Post reports hundreds of pro-independence localist groups (don’t you mean ‘cells’?) springing up in schools. Could these be the Hong Kong public schools that are still closed for Summer Vacation? Yes. Oh, and by ‘groups’, we mean Facebook pages, many of which could be started up by one or two mischievous kids waiting for classes to re-open in a week’s time, or indeed by Fanny Law as part of some demented ‘false flag’ operation.

In fairness to Fanny, it could be she wants to investigate the family backgrounds of deviant-thinking children in order to find socio-economic causes of dissatisfaction with the state of governance in Hong Kong and the Chinese regime that imposes it on the city. For example: the family lives in a barely affordable subdivided apartment; the family hoped CY Leung would deliver on his promises for affordable housing after he became Chief Executive; instead, property prices have risen another 50% since 2012; the parents complain about this to each other; having only 100 square feet to share, the kid overhears them; the kid starts a pro-independence terrorist squad with his buddies in Form 3. She might learn something.

See here for a good summary of how this mess has been and is still unfolding. Talk about resurrecting Article 23 looks certain before long. It is hard to say at what point Beijing bites off more than it can chew, but it does seem that the fun and excitement is just beginning.


(‘Class’ enemies – geddit?)

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13 Responses to Fanny Law on hunt for class enemies

  1. David says:

    Taboo Talk. Thanks Hemlock, I think I’ve found the perfect band name.

  2. FANNY LAW… The TV miniseries that finally became FEMALE PARALEGALS….

    I’m really glad that guns are being mentioned at last. It makes people sit up and take notice. Sadly, the big yellow streak down the back of most people born in this territory will prevent the safety catch ever being drawn, I should think.

    Keep stirrin’. The CIA and the Trotskyists unite in one thing. We never get anywhere without “agitate, infiltrate, demonstrate”.

  3. Stephen says:

    Our ‘family living in a barely affordable subdivided apartment’ are soon going a problem for the HK Puppet Administration and it going to get nasty but maybe that’s the plan ?

    You’ve been told that you are too stupid to vote, you work 72 hours a week for the minimum wage, your MPF account is still being dipped into by employers, your children are traumatized by Eddie Ng’s education experiments and of course you are still living in a slum. Meanwhile Fanny wants to investigate you, Matthew (Nine Flats) promises you a handout from the tycoon fund and 689 is still gorging on his UGL windfall.

    Meanwhile our “politicians” are concentrating on a few keyboard warriors prophesizing on what happens in 2047 or when China federalizes, whichever comes first ? Meanwhile our family living in a barely affordable subdivided apartment …

  4. Cassowary says:

    Knowing the pearl-clutching, hyper-religious, vaguely old-timey eugenicist tendencies of Hong Kong’s so-called elites, I would not be surprised if they were looking for a way to pin pro-independence thought on some combination of too many videogames, not enough Jesus, poor grades and poorer breeding. Basically, nothing that a small contingent of Bible-wielding social workers couldn’t handle.

    I suppose the idea that young people want to live in a society that is not aggressively soul-sucking is too much for them to wrap their minds around.

  5. Maugrim says:

    Ironically, investigating Fannys’ own background would be more instructive as to why HK is the way it is.

  6. bagesty says:

    Thanks for the Asia Sentinel link – spot on.

  7. Joe Blow says:

    The outward expression of localism/ independence is simply a projection of what has been a fact in the minds of HK youth for a long time. Little Hong Kongers do not identify with China/ CCP/ Glorious Motherland/ ‘we are all Chinese’. There is a much stronger empathy with the USA, Canada and Japan (even UK and Singapore) than with that of which they are supposed to be an ‘unalienable’ part. A fact is a fact: China has already lost the future middle-class of Hong Kong.

  8. diminuendo says:

    I have a very nice dog, adopted from the SPCA, who has absolutely no tail, it having been completely docked by the bastard who owned/controlled said dog before.

  9. Hank Morgan says:

    A comment to a post where thumbscrews were recommended for K-Pop artists

    SCMP editor
    32 minutes ago
    Dear Global Times Reader,

    As you are probably aware, there are many paid trolls active on this website. Luckily, there are also many patriotic commenters to compensate for their negative presence. Unfortunately, our newspaper South China Morning Post is not so lucky.

    Hong Kong has freedom of press, but no Article 23 to defend China’s national security. Foreign lobbying has hindered the acceptance of the National Security Law in Hong Kong. Therefore, while Hong Kong enjoys freedom of opinion, it’s hard for us to counter trolls on our website.

    If there are any patriotic Chinese commenters here who would like to join the good fight against foreign trolls, please visit our SCMP website and leave some comments.

    On behalf of the patriotic Chinese people of Hong Kong,

    Thank you!


  10. PD says:

    Joe, Yes, but as you imply, only amongst the aspirational bourgeoisie. The young plebs are a law unto themselves, with a strong streak of chauvinism and general anomie.

    And even the so-called middle classes are not really that: no comfortable suburban house-and-garden-based domesticity; no safe communities where the kids can walk to a local school; few pretensions to cultural roundedness; little spare cash.

    Dim., It may have been cut in order to make it a poorer communicator and a better fighter. In my district, all the dogs had one broken rear leg when we arrived; now each inhabited village or hamlet, without exception, has half a dozen semi-feral muts.

  11. LRE says:

    Fanny by name, fanny by nature, I guess.

    The alleged Government, bless their insipid clerk mindset, still hasn’t worked out that the only way they will ever convince Hong Kong’s populace that something is genuinely cool is by banning it or saying it’s impossible.

  12. dimuendo says:

    PD Thanks for reply. She was actually a breeding dog.

    The point I was rather ineptly trying to make is the old aphorism of the tail does not wag the dog. Indeed the dog does not need a tail, although it may be far more atractive with one.

    I regret I am rather pessimistic as to HK’s future, although to be fair to Craddock’s memory we should acknowledge his and associates negotiations leading to the JD. Everybody , certainly of my acquaintance, was uncertain in 1997 and yet 19 years later we continue. Just depends how strong the winds are, particulary Xi.

  13. WTF says:

    As the CCP party members have been the biggest investors in HK real estate, Lufsig had done good for them with the property price increases.

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