Splittist teachers invited to organize

A United Front astroturf group issues a dire warning about teachers being barred from their profession for pro-independence thought-crimes. (The Germans, as ever, have been there and have a word for it – Berufsverbot.) This comes ‘in response to a slew of new “localist” concern groups springing up at secondary schools’.


No-one has actually seen this ‘slew’ so far, but we are living in a strange world where ‘in response to’ means ‘designed to create out of nothing’. The slew comes next.


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  1. david price says:

    Again, slightly off-topic; apologies

    I was enjoying a beer outside in the Thai on Saturday, watching the world go by, when my spine shivered. Out of that world stepped the lip-stick gloss of the Lovely Regina. She approached my table, to my momentary bafflement. This was to be my second encounter (after Starry Lee) with the pulchritude of the political establishment in 10 days.

    Is Shek-O seen as a key marginal? Do I have the appearance of the archetypical swing voter? Regina urged me to read her pamphlet.

    “It has no subversive mention of ‘pro-independence’, I hope.”

    Regina giggled sternly, then asked for my vote. And then she was gone.

    On the cover of the bi-lingual literature left behind was


    Had she lingered, perhaps joined me for a beer, I would have asked her whom exactly did she hope to ‘win back’ Hong Kong from? This could have been an enlightening candidate platform discussion. The pamphlet gave no elucidation and, alas, the Lovely Regina had legged it.

  2. Joe Blow says:

    And I bumped into Nathan Law and Joshua Wong yesterday, took pics and got a friendly hello from Nathan.

  3. Twenty-eight years in Hong Kong education have convinced me:

    Teachers here have no thoughts so they are incapable of thought crime. It would be hard to imagine a more boring set of people.

    Like a trip to one’s favourite tobacxonist, like a favourite pair of slippers or a beloved ragged pullover, Hong Kong politics, and your web page, beckon with their warm cuppas of familiar anodyne comfort. They cheer but do never inebriate. God bless you.

  4. LRE says:

    @david price
    Vagina was very “ill” that day according to Team Vagina, explaining her absence from the televised debate of Hong Kong Island LegCo candidates after the fact. This was after the backing singers from Team Vagina who were left to fill the gap (— the Tampons, perhaps?) realised that the “we’re a team and you should have some time in the spotlight” line she’d spun them was bullshit that only they had swallowed.

    Team Vagina then had to withdraw the illness claim later when she posted pics of her having lunch with a mate at Shek-O, after the initial damage limitation line of “You still have to have lunch when you’re ill” was clearly not going to fly.

    The Tampons did not fare well in the debate, as all eyes were on the Vagina-shaped hole on their podium.

    (30:40 on vid) Paul Zimmerman crowned her the Queen of Absence, much to the amusement of the Civic Party’s Tanya Chan (I thought she might loose it): “She’s been absent here today and she’s absent on many important decisions: housing improvements, MTR adjustment of prices, the MPF offset, so let’s take back Hong Kong: let’s get rid of the Queen of Absence.”

    (~43:00 on vid) Ricky Wong ripped into Team Vagina about where she was — “Is she so sure that she’ll win that she doesn’t need to turn up? Is she at home asleep or is doing something else? And what else is more important?”

    The Tampons refused to answer and then non sequitured into accusing Ricky of sexism, disrespecting women and sexual harassment over the Miss Asia affair eight years ago. Zimmerman followed up by reminding everyone that Vagina was even more disrespectful to women when she accused all Filipina domestic helpers of being prostitutes out to steal Hong Kong men.

    The Tampons tried to dodge the issue with a “you’ll have to take that up with Vagina, who’s not here” [no doubt to dodge precisely this sort of question] and Zimmerman riposted with: “you want to be in government but you don’t want to take responsibility”, whilst Ricky Wong just repeated “Vagina’s a liar and you’re a liar.”

    The Communist Fun Party’s Cool Cool Circus 2016 is definitely looking set to live up to it’s name!

  5. PG says:

    “The harsh warning was issued by the Academy of School Managers, of which Executive Councilor Bernard Charnwut Chan, pictured, is honorary chairman….”

    Academy of School Managers? Other than Bernard Chan, who are these people? Who do they represent? Any information on this group – in English?

  6. LRE says:

    No english but go here using google chrome with the translation on and you’ll get the gist.
    Or you can email them at [email protected]
    (Mmm! Gmail address with numbers in it always makes me think “seems legit” for any organisation…)

  7. Reader says:

    Academy of School Managers – formed this year, consists of pro-BJ schools in Kwun Tong (ref: https://www.hongkongfp.com/2016/08/15/teachers-warned-lose-qualifications-advocating-independence-schools/)

  8. Red Dragon says:

    The HKASM just screams United Front. Completely phoney with a Thai millionaire as honorary chairman.

    Wasn’t that TV “debate” riveting? Why does what passes for politics in Hong Kong attract such very peculiar people?

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