Ominous signs for CY

Another day, another Mainland official ranting that it is illegal to call for Hong Kong independence (while the city’s authorities pointedly fail to arrest any of the numerous activists who delight in openly committing the supposed crime). Among those who disagree with local Ministry of Foreign Affairs guy Hu Jianzhong is Tsang Yok-sing…


The South China Morning Post uses the phrase ‘heavyweight’ for even the most inconsequential and boorish attention-seekers in the pro-Beijing camp (Google the word alongside ‘Rita Fan’). But Tsang is a longstanding leading figure in the DAB, the backbone of the Chinese Communist Party’s local United Front.

He has shown a relatively independent streak in recent years – for example, straying from the official line that young protesters are controlled by evil foreign forces, and now appearing on TV as a travel buddy to radical ‘Long Hair’ Leung Kwok-hung. It is the patriotic duty of DAB members to suffer for the cause, and like many of them he no doubt finds it a burden having to side with the unpopular, divisive and shameless Beijing ultra-loyalist Chief Executive CY Leung. There are also national-level power-struggles among the Xi Jinping and other factions that could influence Tsang.

Still – it’s at least slightly surprising to see him blatantly oppose one of Beijing’s local officials (though not one from the Liaison Office that micro-manages CY’s ongoing battle against evil counter-revolutionary forces). And it is equally interesting that he warns of national security laws in language we would expect from the Civic Party’s rights-supporting lawyers. And he presumes to speak for the government on such laws, even though he has no role in the executive branch.

Which brings us to another pro-establishment figure going off-message – and another example of Hong Kong’s irrepressible anti-CY/Beijing movement popping up in the unlikeliest places…


The place was the Arrivals Hall at the airport, and the occasion was a protest against the infamous Bag-Gate (or more correctly ‘lack of bag at departure gate’) Scandal. It is not totally clear whether airport/airline staff committed a massive security breach when they passed Chung-yan’s bag from ground-side to air-side. CY himself seems to have pulled rank, which was foolish. But I can’t help thinking that other idiots must forget luggage this way at times, and – assuming they don’t have a beard and the name Mohammed – someone brings it through, via the X-ray, so they get their flight.

But who cares? It’s a golden opportunity to inflict pain on the administration while looking amazingly righteous, so go for it (and savour the pleasantly sizable turnout, the photogenic surroundings and the typically clumsy response of the authorities at the scene). The government can only whine pitifully, while the only help it gets is from the usual little group of sad misfits who mount a counter-demonstration.

The point is that among the anti-government protesters was David Chu, a pro-establishment lawmaker from many years back (when he was known as the ‘flying pig’ for being the first man named Chu to hang-glide from Hong Kong to Beijing backwards, or something). He was always what in polite circles is known as a ‘maverick’, but it is hard to see why he would now be following Tsang Yok-sing in apparently embracing the ideological enemy.

We last heard of Chu around 2005-ish, which we nostalgically recall as an innocent era when our only concerns were a few fish poisoned with malachite green, the odd plague-carrying civet cat and a swimming pool (or two, at most) full of something called blood worms. And, of course, the red fire ants that ate parts of Kowloon alive and presaged the fall of Tung Chee-hwa. Along with Chu, these insects are back. Could this be an omen?


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10 Responses to Ominous signs for CY

  1. WTF says:

    No risk of suicide by plane?

    This would be the daughter who claims to have slashed her wrists, has expressed a death wish, and posted on scatoligical social media1 about wondering if she would bleed out? Couldn’t one could take CY Leung Jr.’s (affectionately known as little Nosferatu) forgetting then demanding her case2 be brought through as Freudian slip?

    True she must know it normally takes a stake through the heart followed by decapitation in her family, but maybe she’s like those breed of window jumpers that kill other people by landing on them and sometimes sparing their own lives, whom are never 100% committed.


  2. Arch Ives says:

    David Chu. We have a delicious photo of him staring in disbelief at a van he crashed his car into in Central many years ago. The van didn’t seem to know he was the famous David Chu. He was the male version of Dorothy “Dotty” Liu but not so communist and manic, but then who could be? Good to read his name again. Many happy memories of his public inanity.

  3. Sojourner says:

    Actually, WTF, I believe it was her younger sister.

  4. LRE says:

    An easy mistake to make, considering everyone in the family is called CY Leung (which isn’t creepy at all. Honest).

    The CY Leung in question is the youngest who’s studying Economics at the grand Chinese seat of learning, the University of Cambridge, because the chancellor of every university in Hong Kong reckons any university that would let him be chancellor is obviously not good enough for his family. And who the hell would send their kids to the mainland to learn things, eh? What a China hater, eh?

  5. PD says:

    Either Jasper is revenging the unceremonious sacking of his brother as minister or he’s establishing his credentials as emergency CE candidate.

    There was malicious speculation/inside information that he knew about the Great Legco Walkout Fiasco Humiliating Disaster in advance because of his office. Perhaps the same applies to government bills/banana antics/riots/ex-cathedra announcements from the 2nd HK government?

  6. Hermes says:

    Actually Chung-yan has already graduated from Cambridge and is studying a master’s in international policy at Stanford, hence the flight to San Francisco.

  7. Chinese Netizen says:

    @Hermes: obviously not a patriot, getting brainwashed at western institutions…esp one that let Ragina hide in after she was unceremoniously forced out of office.
    But then again, what Chinese “patriots” say versus what they do are always so conflicting.

  8. Joe Blow says:

    “master’s in international policy at Stanford”.

    Isn’t that what Vagina Ip did at Stanford, after she was drummed out of town ?

  9. Refreshingly, Jasper Tsang shows occasional signs of recognising that the official line he’s expected to push is a load of baloney.

  10. Cassowary says:

    Pfft. Jasper Tsang is here to play “good cop”. He’s never going to be Chief Executive so his job is to persuade people to vote for the DAB by occasionally sounding reasonable. If his handlers wanted him on a shorter leash, they’d put him on one.

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